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Luxury Garden Designs
24 Nov

Luxury garden designs: Discovering the Battersea Power Station hotel project

Set within the Battersea Roof Gardens structure planned by Norman Foster, the designer behind The Gherkin, the new Luxury London Battersea Power Station hotel will comprise...

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UK Garden Design
14 Nov

The relation between UK garden design and the planting design course

The London College of Garden Design (LCGD) has introduced a distinctive new 6-month planting design course aimed at expert designers and landscape architects that engages some...

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Garden Designers
10 Nov

How garden designers create a stunning garden

It doesn’t matter if it’s Edwardian or Caribbean, all you need is a vision and theme for your garden to give your garden the...

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04 Nov

Job of the Week-Pruning Roses

Roses are the staple of any traditional British garden and pruning is an important factor in their success. In the milder southern parts of...

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garden landscaping
02 Nov

How marketplace for local garden landscaping is performing?

The marketplace for local garden landscaping supplies is forecast to see stable growth of 3 to 4% per annum following a period of uneven...

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Garden Design
26 Oct

Re-use waste items and add a bit of colour to renovate your garden design focal points.

If you step into any fashionable bar, café sprawl or eatery that is visited by hipsters, clever uses of once-discarded objects can be seen...

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Primrose Blog
20 Oct

Job of the Week-Planting an Alpine Meadow

Helen returns this week with her latest job of the week! Planting an Alpine Meadow Ever fancied having an alpine meadow in your garden?...

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Garden Design Service
19 Oct

How a proper garden design service improves our lives and makes us feel better.

Greener gardens guard against floods, provide homes for wildlife, keep cities cool in the summer, and help us all feel better-off. Now, with 7...

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Garden Design Services
09 Oct

How our garden design services creates the garden you had in mind.

Perhaps you’re don’t feel comfortable when you go to design own garden, and would like someone to take care of it for you? If...

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07 Oct

Glenwhan Gardens

Following on from my blog of a couple of weeks ago, whilst in the same area of Scotland, not very far from Stranraer, we...

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