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How a proper garden design service improves our lives and makes us feel better.

Garden Design Service

The importance of a great garden design service

Greener gardens guard against floods, provide homes for wildlife, keep cities cool in the summer, and help us all feel better-off. Now, with 7 million gardens throughout the UK already paved over, we need to do more to protect those that remain.

When you next walk home from work or the train station, see how many suburban front gardens are concreted or paved over when you next walk past them, where they leave the rain nowhere to go except for the drain the road most likely.

Make a note of how many contain no foliage at all, which reduces the environment available to city wildlife, robbing us of the lovely green shade of plants, and raising overall temperatures too.

At a time when we need our town front gardens more than ever to combat the effects of heavy rain and flooding, heatwaves, and air pollution with plants that can sieve out harmful vehicle fumes, they are vanishing at a faster rate than ever before as people concrete over entire front lawns, turning their front gardens into their own private car park.

Britain’s front gardens designs are being traded in for a steadily growing layer of monotonous grey paving. About a third of the UK’s 21 million front gardens have been turned into hard paved parking spots in the past 20 years.

Factors driving this course are the need to avoid ‘residents parking’ charges, far too many cars for the amount of on-street parking, the wish to decrease garden maintenance, and the development of renting which causes people to be too strapped for cash to maintain a garden and the landlords not having the time. If the trend lasts, the traditional lawn could become part of history. This is not only bad for our health and comfort, but also for our wildlife as well.

Three million front gardens in the UK are now paved over. That’s three times more than a decade ago. With widespread paving, areas can quickly become grey and lifeless for everyone, counting local residents too who have no say, such as renters or those living in homes deprived of gardens. But it’s also bad for our mental health, which benefits from green environments.

If you’re after a traditional looking and green front garden design service then we at Floral & Hardy can help you out.

Going about hiring a professional garden design service from us does also mean that it’s possible to build a place for your car while still having the majority of the front garden as grass anyway. This can be achieved in a variety of ways such as pebbles stones, or even drainable tarmac. The cheap and obnoxious concrete which has zero drainage, is what’s causing the current issues with drainage and flooding. There are ways for everyone to be happy and still be able to park their cars off road too.

Whatever your garden design ideas, we’re sure you’ll find some inspiring garden styles here in our portfolio too which will no doubt inspire your creative ideas which we are happy to listen to and incorporate into the garden design.

We offer a personal service which involves you in every stage of the design process right through to the final landscaped garden.

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