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A Tiny Courtyard Transformed

Another angle on the new space
  • A Tiny Courtyard Transformed - the-new-court-yard
  • A Tiny Courtyard Transformed - new-beds
  • A Tiny Courtyard Transformed - new-patio-space
  • A Tiny Courtyard Transformed - mirror
  • A Tiny Courtyard Transformed - another-shot-of-the-patio
  • A Tiny Courtyard Transformed - the-old-courtyard
  • A Tiny Courtyard Transformed - the-old-space

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This was a postage-stamp back garden in Clapham, typical of London Victorian properties.

The Brief

This was a postage-stamp back garden typical of London Victorian properties, but the tiny courtyard had been laid wholly to deck with no planting to speak of. Our clients were keen gardeners and could not wait to inject some life into this barren space.

They requested natural stone with raised beds in a style to complement the age of the property and a formal planting scheme with a French twist.


Due to the age of the property, we discovered that the walls to either side of the garden were listed and therefore, although they were unattractive and our clients would have liked them replaced, we were not allowed to rebuild. They were instead given a cosmetic renovation with re-rendering and painting.

A formal design was implemented to the courtyard with natural sandstone in a colour to complement the yellow London stock bricks of the house for the patio, and reclaimed stocks used to create the raised beds.

The planting included French Lavender, Box hedging, Italian Cypresses, herbs and espalier fruit trees. Roses were also trained on obelisks to enhance the formal feel.

Finally, with a mirror in a perspective arch mounted to bring light and reflection into this tranquil oasis, this no longer felt like a neglected backyard, but more like the Provencale courtyard of our clients’ dreams.

Take a look at the photos from this garden design Clapham and let us know what you think!

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