Garden Design

Garden Design

At Floral and Hardy, we offer a full service Garden Design Consultancy. Our personal and relaxed service fully involves you in every stage of the design process right through to the final landscaped garden. Our designs are so personal to you that they are hand drawn so that you can truly get a glimpse of just how magical your garden will look. We are proud to have created gardens with such passion, panache and meticulous attention to detail that they have completely surpassed our client’s dreams and expectations. Whether you have a small, medium or large garden, rooftop, courtyard, estate garden or a period style listed property garden we can help.

We can tailor our Garden Design to suit you. Whether you are just looking for inspiration, advice and guidance on what blooms to feature, or perhaps refresh and revitalise what you currently have in your garden or perhaps a complete transformation, every project is bespoke but the end result is always the same. A garden that you can love and cherish.

We are proud to have created some truly resplendent gardens at Floral and Hardy. From sustainable and practical eco-friendly family gardens complete with hidden trampolines and Hobbit Houses, to charming patios with elegantly lit lanterns, fruit trees and pretty French Lavender. From small but perfectly formed gardens with cottage garden plants, timber tree seats and divine water features to huge country estates with perfectly orchestrated views and overflowing vegetable beds.

Designing a beautiful garden can fulfil a multitude of aspirations. Whether you would like to grow food fresh for your table, entertain guests in elegant finery, relax in a private sanctuary or just simply enjoy the fresh outdoors with every member of your family, we can design your garden to perfectly suit you and your dream. Our clever use of discreet lighting can be as dramatic or as romantic as you wish. Lighting, done correctly, can evoke different moods in your garden for each season and for each time of the day. Including a handsome garden building can not only be practical but can be a wonderful aesthetic feature. There are so many options to explore and we revel in turning unloved spaces into areas of exemplary beauty.

Floral and Hardy are a leading

Garden Design Company

Talking to Floral and Hardy will bring your ideas to life. Our experience and expertise will ensure that your garden is achieved on time and to the highest specifications. We will bring in all the appropriate experts at every stage of the landscape design, development and construction phase.

Simply call one of our lovely team on 0845 603 2598 and we will be delighted to help.


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