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Garden Design

At Floral & Hardy, we’re believers that small is indeed beautiful. We know that outdoor spaces in both rural and cosmopolitan settings can be limited, which is why we are filled with small and very small garden ideas that can help make the most out of even the tiniest spaces.

Small garden design

Here at Floral & Hardy we have worked on tiny cottage gardens, suburban roof terraces, and London city courtyards to make the outdoor space totally workable for our busy clients.

Our small garden makeovers are always carried out with thought, precision and complete attention to detail. We know what works in small spaces and have created some truly stunning small outdoor gardens. We have created some beautiful areas of sanctuary for clients in the middle of busy London by using raised flower beds, natural stone, discreet lighting and pretty water features. We have magically transformed tiny patio areas into small but perfectly formed pretty Victorian cottage gardens and steep sloping unusable spaces into contemporary dining and play areas linked with stylishly lit ornate stone steps. Every outdoor space requires a different approach. Sometimes, it is simply about retaining the character and restoring what is already there, while in other cases, the space requires a complete overhaul or perhaps a tweak to update it and create a more contemporary theme.

We have added sunken trampolines to small family gardens, hobbit playhouses for children to escape in and cooking and dining areas for adults that would make top chefs proud. We have added clever lighting to areas, which change with the seasons making dining in the evenings lovely and atmospheric and enhancing the house in the winter months with an elegant glow. So what’s the trick to our small garden area design?

How to make a small garden look bigger

The key to achieving successful small garden design lies with proportions.

By creating different levels, proportions and shapes, you can create the illusion of more space. Small garden designs with grass separate from a patio area for example is a great way to make space seem larger, as are using different levels by using raised planters instead of flower beds. Using different shapes can help too; for example, if you have a square shaped garden, small garden designs with gravel to create circles or semicircles can have a pleasing aesthetic effect. When it comes to planting, sticking to flowers and shrubbery that are small will stop flowerbeds becoming overcrowded and in constant need of maintenance. You can also look at planting up trellising and creating “living walls” to free up floor space. Anything planted should have space enough to grow to full size, but that full size shouldn’t be too “large” for the garden and dominate the eye’s attention. Similarly if you are using and decking or paving in your garden, you should make sure the materials are in proportion (i.e. small) to prevent them from dominating the space, and ideally look for lighter coloured materials, as darker tones can make the space seem even smaller.

Small garden landscaping

Small spaces can be made to feel bigger by combining design with innovation, compacting storage elements, integrating dynamic garden objects and more.

A small garden can end up working in your favour, the smaller the garden, the less maintenance required, especially if you integrate paving, brickwork, woodwork and other non-living elements into the landscape. These small garden landscaping ideas are not only pleasing to look at, but they are perfect for those who like to have a nicely presented garden without the continuous efforts of maintenance.

At Floral & Hardy, we can use years of landscaping experience to transform small areas. We can turn that roof space or balcony garden into a modern, traditional or classic urban garden, or, we can combine traditional design with an alfresco theme adding in subtle features (including water features, spot lighting, mood lighting or animated objects). Our designers can help integrate dramatic features including lighting, motion and accessories.

Enquire about our small garden designs London

At Floral & Hardy, we delight in transforming small garden spaces into glorious havens, whether they be filled with wonderful blooms, overflowing vegetable beds, natural wildlife or beautiful water features.

We can create small garden designs in Oxfordshire, Surrey, Kent and other Home Counties in addition to working throughout London. We work alongside you and listen to your needs to make sure we get the most detailed brief. This brief then becomes a beautiful hand drawn design so that the client can really see how magnificent the garden will be on completion. If you would like to discuss your small garden design with the Floral & Hardy team, then give us a call on 0845 603 2598 and we will be delighted to help. Alternatively, you can fill out our enquiry form and one of our team will contact you.

Classic Simple garden design

The areas of Kent, Surrey and of course London are filled with stunning historic properties for which classic, traditional garden designs are completely befitting.

At Floral & Hardy, we specialise in classic English garden design, and can help any listed or period building feel like a complete home with a garden made to match. Drawing inspiration from the neighboring rolling English countryside, we are able to infuse front and back garden spaces with traditional elements that make the space a pure joy to inhabit. While many of these houses have large garden spaces, even those with modest square footage can be transformed into a classic space with a bespoke elegant design.

Discover our classic Simple garden design ideas

We’ll work closely with you in terms of the design brief, and will take into consideration things like the property style and sun-facing direction of the garden to create the perfect classic English garden design for your home.

The Edwardian garden style may have garnered popularity at the turn of the 20th century, but this classic garden has such an enduring appeal that we still receive requests for this today. The Edwardian garden typically contains many of the elements that spring to mind when one thinks of a classic English garden design – pools and water fountains, gazebos, pergolas or summer houses, stonework and masonry, neat, boxed flowerbeds, and topiary. When it comes to creating a classic garden fit for today’s purpose, a Floral & Hardy design will draw inspiration from a number of these timeless elements and can modernise to suit your wishes wherever possible.

We can overhaul or re-install turf and grass, which is generally kept cut short and designed in a square or rectangular garden. In terms of a classic garden planting plan, we favour traditional blooms such as peonies, irises, poppies, honeysuckles, foxgloves, forget-me-nots and of course the classic English rose. Finishing touches that can really set the tone for classic rose garden designs include ponds with floating lilies, fountains, stone sundials, and classic garden statues. To help you enjoy your time outdoors whilst keeping the aesthetic intact, we recommend adding some iron cast patio furniture, twisted pine loungers, or a teak al fresco dining set.

What can a Floral & Hardy garden planner do for you?

We take great pride in creating gardens that have meticulously designed for a beautiful finish and of course, for your enjoyment. Ideal for large and expansive countryside spaces, a classic garden layout that’s already in place can be revitalised with the touch of Floral & Hardy, or we can happily create something for you from scratch. Our years of experience enables us to breathe fresh life into unloved or underutilized spaces, and create stunning areas that are filled with personality and perfecting final touches. We can bring our distinctive vision to any commission tailoring our Garden Design to suit you. It may be that you have an idea in mind, or that you are in need of a professional to inspire you with a design that meets your brief. A Floral & Hardy garden planner can do both; our experts can work with your vision or create one for you to produce a garden that you can love and cherish.

Our personal and relaxed level of service keeps you fully involved in every stage of the design process, from initial conception and design right through to the final landscaped garden. Our designs are so personal to you, they are hand-drawn, so that you can truly envision the finished project. We are proud to have created classic gardens with such passion, panache and meticulous attention to detail that they have completely surpassed our client’s dreams and expectations.

Make an enquiry today

Creating a beautiful traditional garden design can fulfil a multitude of aspirations. Whether you would like to grow food fresh for your table, entertain guests in elegant finery, relax in a private sanctuary or just simply enjoy the fresh outdoors with every member of your family, we can design your garden to perfectly suit you and your dream.

When you talk to Floral & Hardy will bring your English garden ideas to life. Our experience and expertise will ensure that your garden is achieved on time and to the highest specifications. We will bring in all the appropriate experts at every stage of the landscape design, development and construction phase. Simply call one of our lovely team on 0845 603 2598 and we will be delighted to help.


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