Garden Plans

Garden Plans

One of the first steps to designing a garden is the planning stage. Garden planning is simply a way of deciding how to best use the space in your garden, and how to fit in all the different features that you want. Whether it’s a large estate with acres of space, or a small courtyard garden, garden planning will ensure there’s a clear overall vision, and that you make the most of your outdoor space.

Floral & Hardy have many years of experience in garden design, small garden design,  planning and designing all sorts of gardens. We work closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life and to offer inspiration, so they can get the garden they’ve always imagined.


The consultation stage of garden planning is important to ensure successful completion of your project. A garden planner will be able to look at the existing garden and make recommendations about changes that could be made to maximise the usable space available. The Floral & Hardy team will always listen to your ideas about your garden, and can advise on what will work on a practical level. Therefore, the consultation is important to help us deliver the best possible final product.

Drawing up plans

Before you make any final decisions on your garden design, we’ll draw up a set of garden plans so you have a better idea of what it’ll look like. These plans will help you to visualise the layout of your new garden, and if you’re not happy with anything you can make changes before the work begins.

Having plans drawn up is also useful if you’re going to need planning permission. For example, if you live in a listed building or will be having large outbuildings installed, then some councils will want plans before they grant permission.

If you are looking to renovate or refresh your garden, and are unsure how to best use the space, then contact Floral & Hardy. We can help with planning a garden, and have the expertise and vision to create a garden that suits your lifestyle. Whether you want to maximise space, create a play area, or break up a dull, square garden, our experts can help you realise your vision. Why not learn more about our personalised garden plans?

Other Services

Whether you are looking for landscape gardening, garden renovation, landscape design or general gardening assistance we can help. Floral & Hardy are specialists throughout the whole garden design and landscaping sector.


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