Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Floral and Hardy are experts in landscape design, helping you plan and visualise your dream garden layout before turning it from concept to creation. From design scope to the landscape gardening process we’ll assist you every step of the way.

Our landscape design service focuses on both integrated master landscape planning as well as the specific garden design, tailor-made to fit a client’s requirements / specifications. Our design team take into account the practical, aesthetic and horticultural aspects of a client’s dream garden.

Our team of landscape designers factor in everything from architectural and geographical aspects of a garden through to surveying, landscaping, and botany and artisan design. In every garden we create, we combine stunning architectural features and symmetry with a colour scheme that complements the property / client requirements.

Because we do everything from the ground up, every aspect of your garden can be tailored, from themed gardens through to bespoke flower plantations, flower bed arrangements, stone and brick features, decking and patios, water features and beautiful feature lighting.
Landscape Design isn’t just a service, it’s a passion. We ensure absolute attention to detail throughout the whole process from design consultation and planning through to creation and implementation.

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Here at Floral and Hardy our team combines landscape designers, drawers and planning consultants with landscape architects which is then all combined to deliver a streamlined service that’ll leave you with a finished garden beyond your expectations.

Our technical expertise means we can literally plan absolutely every aspect of landscape garden design from climate and microclimates through to orientation, topography, localised drainage, soil and irrigation, accessibility, lighting and furnishing, electrical and plumbing, plant habitat and botany, reduced maintenance features, automation and more.

The experts at Floral and Hardy have years of experience in garden design, small garden design, contemporary garden design, garden planning, large garden design, garden renovation architecture, horticulture & agriculture, natural resources, landscape engineering and applied arts. With combined expertise, we are able to deliver a landscape design service like no other.

We’ve helped homeowners and estate owners around London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and the South East of England transform their gardens. Not only have we helped to transform their dream garden into reality, we’ve helped them every step of the way and even provided ongoing assistance for maintenance and management.

Our team is passionate about gardening, garden design and gardening aspects, not just from a business point of view, but a personal one also.
We are one of very few landscape and garden design businesses that remain dedicated to hand drawn garden designs. If you are looking for the best in landscaping design from a leading landscape design firm then look no further. We’ll help with landscape design and installation. Whether you are looking for modern, simple, contemporary, traditional, tropical, historic or Japanese themes or something completely bespoke our team will be able to provide drawings and designs.

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Key focal points for landscape design include:

  • Garden shape, size and foundations
  • Garden theme / type (Raised Gardens, Roof Gardens, Edible Gardens, Estate Gardens etc.)
  • Existing foundations, brickwork, ground features
  • Accessibility
  • Choice of garden theme / botany / plant types i.e. Japanese, Tropical, Sub-Tropical / Plant palettes
  • Choice of ground work (patios / pathways / stone features / paving / driveways)
  • Flower beds and arrangements (Symmetrical features / shaped beds)
  • Architectural features and components
  • Maintenance (Soils, Irrigation, Plant Feeding, Groundwater Recharge, Drainage)
  • Water and Lighting Features (Fountains, Ponds, Streams, LED Lighting, Mood Lighting, Spot Lighting)
  • Fencing and Bordering

We also assist with

  • Landscape Management
  • Residential Landscape Design / Home Landscaping / Front Yards / Rear Gardens
  • Themed Landscaping (urban, tropical, japanese, classic, contemporary etc.)
  • Plant Replacement
  • Garden Inspections
  • Surveying

We can also advise on pool landscaping, tropical & stone landscaping and more.


Floral and Hardy offer Landscape Design around London, Greater London, Kent, Surrey and the South East.  Some of the main locations we cover include Kensington, Putney, Blackheath, Chelsea, Hampstead, Highbury, Kennington, Selson, Surbiton, Walton on Thames, Wimbledon, Islington, Camden, Highgate, Sevenoaks and more. Learn more about our Garden Design London.

Landscape Design London

If you are looking for landscaping London then Floral and Hardy would love to help.  Whether you are looking for landscape designers or landscape services why not speak to a member of the Floral & Hardy team. Our consultants can guide you through each stage of a garden design / landscaping project and provide an idea of costs, time-frames and can arrange face to face consultations to discuss your project.

Landscape Architecture

Here at Floral and Hardy we can assist with landscape architecture to create beautiful designs for a variety of different spaces (both residential and commercial). From planning and design to creation and management we’ve got it covered. If you are looking to introduce architectural features, lighting, pools, ponds or other features to your garden / landscape we can provide recommendations, hand drawn plans, inspiration and more.

What is Landscape Design?

Landscape design is a specialist profession which combines art and design to produce beautiful, aesthetically pleasing spaces. Landscape design incorporates both nature and culture into a service that can transform spaces such as gardens, parks and public locations. Typically landscape design bridges the gap between landscape architecture and garden design.

The Design Scope:

Typically, landscape design focuses on the landscape planning of a home / property and the garden design of landscape elements within. Some of the components of landscaping include the aesthetic, environmental and horticultural factors. Landscaping design usually involves artistic aspects (i.e. hand drawn designs and personalised plans) as well as horticultural elements. Floral and Hardy will manage a project from the initial concepts through to creation and completion.

Whether you are looking for a new landscape design or are looking to renovate an existing garden / space or whether you are looking to introduce new features we can help.


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