Large Garden Design

Large Garden Design

Having a large outdoor space attached to your home gives you a great deal of options for garden design. Whether you like the look of a vast, manicured lawn, or want to create a natural, rustic outdoor space, we can help you enjoy all the lovely outdoor space that’s outside your home. At Floral & Hardy, our experienced team are experts in large garden design, and can turn dull and uninspired spaces into thriving gardens where you can relax.


A key part of designing a large garden is the planning stage. Many large gardens tend to look a little empty and boring, and so our designers will help break up the monotony of the space by adding different features. We will listen to your ideas, as well as providing advice and inspiration of our own, so we can ensure every element of your garden flows together nicely and works for you.

Outdoor living

One of the great things about having a large garden is that it can become an extension of your home. Floral & Hardy have designed many gardens with dining areas, or even outdoor living rooms, and we can add lighting and heating so that you can enjoy your garden all year round. Adding a canopy or some shelter can also protect you from the rain during a typical British summer. Whether you want something classic like a built-in barbecue, or want to keep up with the trends with an outdoor wood-fired oven, we can integrate this into the overall design.

Practical space

The outdoor spaces designed by Floral & Hardy are practical as well as beautiful, and we can add lots of useful elements to your large garden. You may want a separate play area for your children to keep them out the way, or you might want some allotment space so you can grow herbs, salad, root vegetables, and other low-maintenance food plants. If you want to add practical features such as this, we can ensure they work with the rest of the garden, and are attractive as well as practical.

Adding colour

Large garden spaces have many more options in terms of greenery and colour. You can get away with adding large, evergreen shrubs, and mature trees won’t overwhelm the space. Shrubs and trees could be used for added privacy, or to break up a square garden, and are a lovely, low maintenance way to made a large garden look more verdant.

Large garden spaces can often feel a little neglected and devoid of life. If your garden needs re-designing, or you want to add some particular features, then give the Floral & Hardy team a call on 0845 603 2598.


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