Personalised Garden Plans

Personalised Garden Plans

Our Floral and Hardy personalised garden plans really bring out the spectacular in your garden. Whether your taste is formal with manicured lawns, neat rectangular borders and grand water features, or perhaps a garden that is full to the brim with cottage garden plants and charming accessories, when you sit down with a Floral and Hardy Garden Designer, your personalised and totally tailored garden plans will be created. The design concept will be created with you and feature all of your ideas and desires, and budget of course, and once happy, we will produce beautiful, high quality drawings that can form the project plan.

Often there is just the need to work with what you currently have in your garden. We can advise on the best ways to improve and fine-tune by re-planting flowers and plants, designing new containers and window boxes, freshening up old garden furniture and sheds, adding beautiful new accessories or just adding new coverings and cushions to your existing garden seating area.

Our personalised garden plans can include as much or as little as you require. From a simple planting plan to a completely fresh landscaped garden with water features and cool and sophisticated lighting.

In some cases, our clients already have a structurally sound garden which is already well designed. It may just have gaps or some borders that are looking fatigued and worn. We could perhaps incorporate some seasonal planting, re-design with new colours and shape, add verdant and voluptuous cottage planting or for more of a contemporary feel,  crisp blooms that will fit a strong, crisp architecturally driven finish.

Your personalised garden plan will begin with a relaxed visit to your garden where we will discuss all of your requirements in detail. We will determine the type of soil, the plants that will thrive, the geographical element of the garden, the desired uses and functions and your current likes and dislikes. This will all be incorporated into your design which will be beautifully hand drawn, encompassing all measurements and scale. In line with this, we will put together a planting plan and any construction design, water features, lighting elements and special features that we will be incorporating. This could be anything! At Floral and Hardy we have built and designed a huge variety of garden features, from Hobbit houses and hidden trampolines to lighting systems that change with the seasons!

At Floral and Hardy, we work to serve much more than your garden. Our design of your outdoor space will be done in a way which will showcase your entire home, adding not just aesthetic value but monetary value also. If you would like to discuss a personalised garden plan for your garden, simply call one of our lovely team on 0845 603 2598 and we will be delighted to help.



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