10 Back Garden Ideas for the New Year

New Year! New Garden!

Do you want to completely redesign your garden in 2017? Perhaps you have just bought a new house and have discovered a garden ready for you to change at your fingertips, or perhaps you want to change your garden just ever-so-slightly in the New Year?

Ultimately, here at Floral and Hardy, we are experts in garden design and are excited to share some back garden ideas that we think will be top of the gardening charts in 2017!

Take a look at the following 10 back garden ideas for the New Year.

Create a Potting Area

A potting area can be a great way of creating a manageable place in your garden for your plants. Not only does a potting area provide easy maintenance, but it will also make your garden appear organised too!

Choose a new plant

If your garden is already fairly prim, then why not add a new plant into the mix for a new zest of life in 2017? Of course, you’ll need to choose your plant and check your calendar for the best time to sow the seeds, but, once planted, you’ll have a brand-new (and simple!) addition to your garden!

Add some seating to your garden

Your garden is also a lovely place to sit in the summer and, therefore, why not add some luxury seating to it? Whether you opt for budget deckchairs or a prestigious bench, relaxing and enjoying your garden space is also a significant part of gardening!

Give your fencing some TLC

Fences can be prone to wear and tear, particularly during the winter months when they are affected by weathering.

Whether your fence needs to be fixed, painted with wood protection or completely renovated, why not spend some time in the summer of 2017, giving your fence the attention it needs.

Create a wooden patio walk

Fed up of concrete slabs and a boring patio? Why not add a wooden walkway to your garden, around your flower beds so you don’t need to step on the soil?

Opt for colour

Colourful plants never fail to impress and, if you’ve got the time to pamper and preen them, opt for some colourful flowers to brighten the days of 2017!

Jet wash the patio

Is your patio going slightly green? Then take some time (hopefully numerous times!) throughout 2017 to jet wash your patio and give it the freshening up it needs, particularly when we’ve made it through the winter months!

Design an unusual planter

Popular with those people who have a limited amount of floor space, adding an unusual planter to your backyard is a unique back garden idea for 2017. You may want to use an old tyre, a wooden ladder, a wooden square pot or more…

Opt for natural

Although unnatural additions to gardens like Astroturf and concrete patio are fairly popular for modern living, here at Floral and Hardy, we want to encourage nature in the garden. In our opinion, it is important to create a green garden that, although is easy to maintain where required, minimises the carbon footprint, rather than adding to it.

Add some stylish storage space

In properties where storage space is minimal, why not create a stylish storage area in your backyard, perfect for the logs for the wood-burning stove or your gardening tools.

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