5 Garden Design Ideas for a Small Garden

photo69 rWhen it comes to designing a small garden, it is important to make the most of whatever space you have available. Many city gardens do not have a huge amount of space but can still have a spacious and open feel to them. While some people opt for an urban style for smaller gardens, others still go for the country or wildlife-style garden.

Take a look at the following 5 garden designs for small gardens:

Garden designs that feature clever lighting

When you have a small backyard, you can really maximize on the spacious feel it has by choosing clever lighting that emphasises the space in your garden. Perhaps you will opt for outdoor wall lights that brighten up a decking space, or perhaps you’ll blend some LED lights within your flower bed. Whatever you choose, clever lighting can, most definitely, enhance the feeling of space in a smaller garden.

Garden designs that use the walls and border of the garden

Planting small pots and placing them on the walls of a small garden can help to add character to your garden without taking up unnecessary space. You could use outdoor shelving on the walls of your garden to provide a place for the plants to sit. You may want to create a feature wall to your garden, where your eyes are most easily directed, perhaps including brightly coloured plants or even planting a couple of small trees just in front of the wall.

Garden designs over two levels

If you’ve got a small garden, that isn’t so small you can only fit a few plant pots immediately outside your back door, you may want to think about opting for a garden design over two levels. For example, you may choose to have a patio area on the ground floor and a more natural, greener garden on the second level.

Of course, having two levels will depend on the situation of your garden and whether or not you will begin to overlook neighbours when you come to change it.

Practical small garden designs

You may want to consider simply what your garden will be used for and design your garden with this purpose in mind. If it is a garden for you to grow vegetables and organic herbs, you could simply design a vegetable garden that is fairly easy to maintain. Likewise, if you would like a garden for children to play in, then you could design your garden as primarily a child-friendly area.

Small garden designs with a dining area

Small gardens can actually make a very pleasant dining area, particularly during the summertime when you prefer to dine and socialise al fresco. In addition, it is always very pleasant to surround your dining area with greenery. What’s more, a nice wooden table or bench looks impressive in many different garden styles.

As you can see, having a small garden area needn’t be limiting. In fact, when a small garden is well-designed, it will become a versatile and pleasant space that a property owner can be proud of.

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