5 Plants That Every Japanese Garden Should Have

When you are creating Japanese gardens, it is important to understand what plants combine to effectively present an intimate and peaceful setting. Variety is key with Asian plants, particularly when selecting the best plants to suit your taste.

There are two main types of Japanese garden, the Japanese Hill-and-Pond garden and the Stroll-Garden design.

We’ve listed the 5 most important plants for a beautiful Japanese garden:

The Cedar Tree

Evergreens are the most popular tree for Japanese gardens as they symbolise permanence. In particular, the graceful Cedar tree is often seen in parks because of their large size. The large coniferous tree can block out wind and also act as a garden hedge.

The Willow Tree

A largely appreciated tree, the Willow can thrive in any climate and provide a sense of serenity and beauty. Particular favourites are the Weeping Willow and the Pussy Willow which are both charming and delicate.

Japanese Barberry

With over 400 species, the Japanese Barberry plant offers rich colour and low maintenance in a Japanese garden. Thriving all year round, the plant is commonly used as a foundation bush or hedge due to their consistent growth pattern.


With one of the most beautiful blooms, the Azalea shrub provides colour and appeal to a Japanese garden. They often appear planted separately to minimise overcrowding in smaller areas but are perfect for the spring season if they are carefully maintained.

Baby’s Tear

Also known as the ‘Helxine soleirolii’, the baby’s tear plant is extremely easy to look after. With a moss-like appearance, it has circular, bright green leaves and has a vibrant bloom with discreet flower growth.

Japanese style gardens add an exotic touch to your outdoor space, and are generally very simple and low-maintenance. If you want a serene, pretty garden that is just a little different from the usual backyard, then Floral & Hardy can help. Simply call us on 0844 884 2425 or contact us to find out more about our Japanese garden designs.

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