5 Things You Didn’t Know About Garden Design

There is a lot more to garden design than first meets the eye: It is not all about pretty flowers, palm trees and sowing seeds.

In fact, at Floral and Hardy, we see garden design as a design and construction process. Garden design allows us to create magnificent and artistic outdoor spaces.

If you are a regular gardener, who often spends time gardening, reading about gardening and talking about gardening, you’ll know that garden design has a scientific element. It is not simply about putting some seeds in a pot, watering them every day and keeping your fingers-crossed. In actual fact, you need to consider what plant will work best in a particular location in your garden. You’ll also have to ask yourself: How much sunlight does my garden receive? How much time have I got to tend to the plants? Will I move them from the pot to a flower bed as they grow? And these questions are simply related to choosing a potted plant!

What’s more, garden design is not simply about gardening either. It also consists of meticulous design and planning, in order to make the most of a garden space.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, a garden (whether public or private) is a blank canvas. And garden design aims to make the most of that space, creating the perfect garden for you, your requirements and, of course, nature itself.

So, here are 5 things we’re sure you didn’t know about garden design:

  1. Garden design works alongside to buildings and the surrounding space.
  2. Garden design is not simply based on what looks ‘pretty’.
  3. Garden designers do not need any formal qualifications to call themselves such. Landscape architects have passed a landscape architecture qualification at university to practice under this name.
  4. Garden design is based on a private space. Whereas, landscape architecture has stemmed from work on public spaces.
  5. Environmental Impact Design (EID) is garden design that considers its effect on the environment.

Garden design from Floral and Hardy

We offer a range of luxury, high-quality garden design at Floral and Hardy that really aims to make the most of your outdoor space.

Whether you are looking to minimise your negative impact on the environment, impress visitors to your home, or would simply like an updated garden design in time for summer then we can help you.

Simply contact us, and we’ll start talking about your dream garden!

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