A Brief Guide to Types of Garden Design from Floral and Hardy

There are a number of different garden design styles that we offer at Floral and Hardy. Our different types of garden design suit a number of different properties, and our customers can choose their desired type of garden design depending on their preference and what they feel will suit their home or commercial building.

Among many others, at Floral and Hardy, we offer six different types of garden design, in order to help you make a decision over which garden design you’d like to opt for.

Here is a brief guide to these types of garden design

Alnwick Tree HouseWoodland Gardens

Woodland gardens tend to be characterised by large, mature trees that owners often do not want to have removed from their garden. In some cases, particularly public outdoor areas, the trees are protected and are not allowed to be moved.

Therefore, woodland gardens tend to be constructed around these mature trees and emphasise their presence in the garden.
Because mature trees tend to cause a lot of shade in a garden, woodland gardens feature plants that require less sunlight, such as bellflowers, geraniums, or primulas.

Estate GardensEstate Gardens

There is much scope for grand design when working on estate gardens. Ultimately, an estate garden design generally characterises large country manors and estates. It is often a large project that spans several acres.

With an Estate Garden design, you will need to choose a contemporary or traditional style, as well as particular feature you would like to see. At Floral and Hardy, we will then create your perfect estate garden design.

Minimalist GardensMinimalist Gardens
Your garden need not be small to work well with a minimalist garden design. A minimalist garden, ultimately, has a calm and simple design, emphasising elegance and a trimmed, contemporary style.

Minimalist gardens are perfect for people looking for a tranquil outdoor area that will fit in with a modern lifestyle.


Raised GardensRaised Gardens

A raised garden is a type of garden design that is particularly effective in gardens where soil quality is poor. With a raised garden, you can introduce new soil to your outdoor area for a diverse and beautiful array of plants.


Blue Skies Holland ParkRoof Gardens

Roof gardens tend to be popular in urban spaces and cities, like London. Not only do they have luxury and modern appeal, they create a communal space for city people to relax, socialise and enjoy the view!


herbsEdible Gardens
Edible gardens are the perfect garden design for those who have more time on their hands (although beginner gardeners can also own an edible garden too!).

An edible garden is a great choice of garden design for those who would like to eat natural, organic produce, from their own backyard! Whether you opt for fruit, vegetables, herbs or all three, we can provide your perfect edible garden design at Floral and Hardy.


Find out more about our types of garden design

If you would like to find out more about our types of garden design at Floral and Hardy, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we’d be happy to help.

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