Are You Looking To Improve Your Garden Design?

Its National Gardening Week and what better way to celebrate than finding out more about garden design and how to improve the aesthetics of your garden?

Are you looking to change the design of your garden in time for summer? Don’t know where to start? Then, take a look at some of the following advice from Floral and Hardy…

Start by thinking about the style you would like your garden to have

You already know that gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and are characterised by different plants and water features, but you may not (like most people!) have considered the style of your garden.

In fact, there are many styles you could consider for your garden and this will have a significant impact on your garden’s design.

While some people opt for urban gardens and are a fan of modern garden furniture, decking and neatly potted plants, others plot for a more ‘wild’ garden, placing emphasis on wildlife and freely-flowing shrubs.

There really are many styles of garden that you may wish to consider. These include: Cottage gardens, wildlife-friendly gardens, contemporary gardens and formal gardens.

When choosing your garden’s style, it is important to think about where you live, how much space you have and the amount of time you have at your fingertips to maintain your garden.

What we tend to find at Floral and Hardy is that city gardens can benefit from plants that look impressive in small spaces. What’s more, they need to be fairly straightforward to look after. Large cottage gardens, on the other hand, usually feature a combination of soil, plants and garden features, particularly where the owners enjoy spending time in the garden.

Choose plants to match your garden’s style

Plants are undoubtedly at the heart and soul of every garden, and can go a long way in determining garden style.

It does not usually work, for example, to combine a native hedge with the modern furniture of a contemporary garden. In addition, plants that require large amounts of sunlight will not work well in a shaded urban garden.

What’s more, wildlife-friendly gardens can sometimes risk looking simply like an overgrown backyard, when not designed accurately. When they are designed with thought and precision however, wildlife gardens can indeed flourish (particularly in large country gardens!).

Consider the cost of your garden

How much are you willing to invest in your garden? As well as the time required for more wildlife-orientated garden designs, the ongoing upkeep of your garden is important to consider.

The amount you are willing to spend on your garden will undoubtedly have an effect on the plants, features and furniture you choose.

Garden designs from Floral and Hardy

At Floral and Hardy, we can help you with your garden design, no matter what your budget, location and choice of style. We have a passion for creating garden designs that impress.

Why not contact us today? It is National Gardening Week after all!

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