Autumn at Malvern

RHS Autumn Show At Malvern

With the onset of autumn and winter come a great many things, among these are the marvelous bronzing of the trees, the promise of crackling fires and a night scorched by fireworks, however, in horticultural circles it also means something else – the RHS autumn show at Malvern.

image of Jean-Christophe Novelli

The Malvern exhibition this year has adopted a decidedly culinary theme, with events like ‘The Good Life Pavilion’ hosting a two day appearance from master chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, who’ll be imparting tips, recipes and general cookery wisdom throughout.

image of cup cakes at Malvern bake-off

However, the cuisine doesn’t end there as there will also be a ‘bake-off’ dedicated to the theme of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  The Landscaping Live team will also be onsite to answer your questions concerning the most efficient culinary use of your gardens, and also potential ingredients that the British gardener-come-cook might grow themself.

image of Edible Show Garden

This idea, though, is actually better realised in the revolutionary ‘Edible Show Gardens’ that have been introduced to Malvern, with an eye as much to agriculture as to horticulture. These edible show gardens are as varied in concept as in content. With the ‘Food Gallery’ we are first enclosed by drain pipes to evoke the corridor architecture of the standard art gallery, then we are presented with a series of herbs on plinths, natural flooring formed from salad leaves and living picture frames. 

image of WW2 singers at Malvern

Other designs include the ‘A-la Mode Dining’ garden, which is fairly self-explanatory, and the ‘Dig for Victory’ project, which is inspired by the war fought by gardeners across the nation during WW2 to ensure that the country would not go hungry.

It is conceptual spaces like these that really drum home the themes of this year’s Autumn Show as outlined by the society – ‘A celebration of food, gardening and nostalgia’, and you’d be remiss not to experience it for yourself if you can – the show runs on the 29th and 30th of September.

By Josh Ellison

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