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17 Apr

Bringing the forest home

If a person’s home is their castle, then the garden is their sanctuary. The rigours of modern life often leave us stressed and depleted...

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garden trellis
15 Apr

Filling your canvas

Since caring for a garden is an ongoing pursuit, and maintenance breeds repetition, it can be easy for what once was a passion to...

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international space station
01 Apr

The Gaia Strain

Between lockdown lifting, the Six Nations, and a recent spate of hot weather our attentions have been fairly earthbound in the past few months....

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woman and girl planting plants in pots
31 Mar

What Are Some Gardening Skills I Should Learn?

Gardening is becoming more popular, and we couldn’t be happier about it. For a long time, it’s been seen by many as a hobby...

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garden rocks and waterfall
22 Mar

What Are The Cheapest Rocks For Gardening?

Imagine having a stunning garden with impactive landscaping. Most people want to enjoy their outside space, but many don’t because they’re unaware of how...

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sprig of lilac
19 Mar

Singing their praises

After our last few blogs concerning springtime gardening jobs and preparing your outdoor spaces for summer frivolity, we felt it was time for a...

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