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17 May

How much do you know about Japanese Garden Design?

“A calm cultural oasis amidst a busy city” Japanese garden design can offer a great means of making the most of your garden space,...

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25 Apr

15 tips for designing a beautiful modern garden

When looking at a collection or portfolio of modern and contemporary garden designs, you’ll notice a few key things: simplicity, functionality, and utilisation of space. We...

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25 Apr

Our top 10 new build garden ideas

Most people have a basic understanding about gardening and will choose various features depending on what they’re planning to use the garden for, however,...

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12 Apr

Designing a Modern Garden? Choose One (or More!) of These Five Plants!

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, gardens were explosively colourful and filled with as many types and families of flowers as possible....

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27 Mar

5 Most Famous Gardens in England

While England certainly isn’t famous for it’s sunshine, that doesn’t mean it isn’t home to some of the most beautiful gardens in the world....

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21 Mar

Which type of tree would suit your small garden?

Having trees and greenery growing in your garden, always makes for a beautiful, natural sight. However, the types of plants and trees you opt...

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