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Garden In Winter Season
19 Nov

Ways to Enjoy Your Garden in Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and it’s time to get ready. Whether you love or hate the winter season, it’s something nobody can avoid in...

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White Button Mushroom
18 Nov

Grow your own Mushrooms

The perfect winter crop – Mushrooms As the colder months settle in we all have a tendency to go into hibernation mode, trying to...

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Local Gardener
12 Nov

How Do I Find a Good Local Gardener?

When most people are looking for a gardener, they prioritise two things: the cost and whether the gardener will make their outdoor space look...

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snail in a garden with white letters ECO
03 Nov

Ecology and Sustainability

A world under our feet The great connector Mycelium, or the mycelial network, is one of the most single important living things on planet...

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seedling in the hands
26 Oct

What Veggies Can I Plant During Autumn?

Just because the leaves are falling from the trees and the evenings are getting darker, it doesn’t mean you have to press pause on...

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garden in winter
21 Oct

6 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

Very soon, you’ll be swapping al fresco dining for cost evenings in front of the fire. One of the main benefits of living in...

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