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24 Oct

Five professional features to spice up your urban garden

For many homeowners searching for property for sale in London, a garden – no matter how big or small – is on the wish...

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20 Dec

Building a Garden Pond

things to consider when building a pond in your garden

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05 Jul

The Jungle Look

Now that it seems that summer has finally arrived, and is hopefully here to stay, we’ve all begun thinking about potential getaway locations and...

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Fulham Garden Design
10 Feb

Garden Designing for Birds

Following the recent annual RSPB Birdwatch (which we also took part in) we thought we’d focus this blog on how best careful garden designing...

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28 Nov

Hidden Trampoline

Small garden in Dulwich with a bespoke cover over the sunken trampoline thus making the lawn usable when the trampoline is hidden

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20 Dec

Plants ‘can think and remember’

Plants are able to "remember" and "react" to information contained in light, according to researchers.

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