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19 Dec

The Olympic Legacy

We’ve been reflecting on the lasting effect that the Olympic & Paralympic games have, and will have, on our capital and our country, more...

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22 Apr

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Since 1970, April 22nd has been globally recognized as Earth day, a time to reflect on the implications and potential mitigation...

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08 Jun

Uxbridge Urban Chic

Here are the finished photos of this newly transformed outdoor space in Uxbridge, West London. As we say to all of our clients your...

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12 May

Moringa – the solution to our future?

I first heard the word Moringa about two years back whilst volunteering on a farm in Cambodia, the owner there insisted that this was...

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30 Mar

Guildford Garden Design

These are the front & rear gardens to a detached property in Guildford

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17 Jul

Looking after Lavender

How best to take care of your lavender

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