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16 May

Some Fine Ferns

Ferns are something of a British institution, being one of the most common members of most of our forest and woodland based eco systems

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30 Aug

Fantastic Foliage

Completing our two-parter on house plants, this week we’ve selected a dream team of house dwellers based mainly on the texture, colour and exoticism...

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08 Jul

Perennial Downpour

We thought we’d have a look at plants that would positively adore this deluge that the weather services have promised will continue well into...

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07 Jul

Favourite Flowers for July

Favourite flowers for July and gardening hints and tips

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15 Nov

How to plan a garden

How to plan a garden Whether you are an avid gardener, or are planning the garden of your first property, it is often difficult...

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17 May

Rejuvenating Britain’s Heritage Crops

A sudden surge of nostalgia for culturally specific species, has meant that many are seeing a welcome revival

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