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23 May

Building a Night Garden

Many of us don’t get the choice to enjoy our garden during the daytime - ironic no? So, ‘The 24 Hour Garden’ was built...

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28 Nov

Victorian Cottage

Victorian cottage garden design in Beckenham

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17 May

Rejuvenating Britain’s Heritage Crops

A sudden surge of nostalgia for culturally specific species, has meant that many are seeing a welcome revival

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26 Jul

Shrubs for Alkaline Soils

This piece is devoted to the care, cultivation and establishment of shrubs in predominantly alkaline soil content.

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17 May

How much do you know about Japanese Garden Design?

“A calm cultural oasis amidst a busy city” Japanese garden design can offer a great means of making the most of your garden space,...

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29 Jul

Five Most Wanted

We’ve prepared a ‘most wanted’ roster of some of the most commonly occurring, and also of the fastest degrading afflictions that can affect your...

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