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27 Jun

25 Small Garden Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

If you feel limited by the size of your garden, Floral & Hardy can help! We have years of experience using architectural features, light...

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25 Jun

5 Tips to Inspire Your City Garden

Green space, especially in a city, is incredibly limited. If you’ve found a home, flat or townhouse with a garden, whether that be a...

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08 Jun

5 plants that will give your garden the Jungle look

While some people love nothing more than a neatly mowed lawn and clear flower borders with a neat and prim designed area, others love...

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17 May

How much do you know about Japanese Garden Design?

“A calm cultural oasis amidst a busy city” Japanese garden design can offer a great means of making the most of your garden space,...

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25 Apr

15 tips for designing a beautiful modern garden

When looking at a collection or portfolio of modern and contemporary garden designs, you’ll notice a few key things: simplicity, functionality, and utilisation of space. We...

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25 Apr

Our Top 10 New Build Garden Ideas

Our Top 10 New Build Garden Ideas Most people have a basic understanding about gardening and will choose various features depending on what they’re...

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