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Wolfsbane or aconitum napellus
14 Oct

Planting a Halloween Garden

Samhain and the Land of the Dead Halloween is one of the oldest and most celebrated holidays in the UK and is loved especially...

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Mount Stewart - Italian Garden
10 Oct

The Gardeners that Shaped History

The history of any enduring passion or pursuit is defined by the people that broke new ground, spread its influence, or refined the methods...

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martian garden project
04 Oct

Mission to Mars (and the plants we could grow there)

Another giant leap Space travel has reentered public consciousness after the recent endeavours of billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson who have both undergone...

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the table in the private garden
27 Sep

What Can I Do With a Small Back Garden?

Gardens are so crucial for your emotional wellbeing and social life. Nothing beats a BBQ with friends or relaxing on your deck after a...

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Hampton Court Garden
20 Sep

The Most Extraordinary Examples of English Gardening

The British public enjoys many pastimes, including cold beer, fish and chips, trips to the seaside and admiring stunning gardens. Luckily, when it comes...

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13 Sep

The Future is Now: The next generation in horti-technology

Despite the challenges of the last 18 months, 2021 is an exciting year for horticulture as it has seen the emergence of many potentially...

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