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18 Jun

Creating a Garden for the Family

How much more important have our garden spaces become during this unprecedented period? From balcony to back yard to small or larger garden spaces,...

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29 Apr

Keep Calm and Carry on Gardening!

The 27th April sees the start of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) National Gardening Week celebrations. The RHS introduced this initiative to celebrate all...

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18 Sep

Do you have what it takes to design a perfect minimalist garden?

Minimalist gardens are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in those gardens located in and around London. We find, here at Floral and Hardy, customers are...

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28 Aug

Our Top 6 Exclusive Long Narrow Garden Ideas Revealed

Our Top 6 Exclusive Long Narrow Garden Ideas Revealed Here at Floral and Hardy, we come across many people that are convinced they will...

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27 Jun

25 Small Garden Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

If you feel limited by the size of your garden, Floral & Hardy can help! We have years of experience using architectural features, light...

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25 Apr

15 tips for designing a beautiful modern garden

When looking at a collection or portfolio of modern and contemporary garden designs, you’ll notice a few key things: simplicity, functionality, and utilisation of space. We...

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