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internal patio with a small tree
28 Apr

How Do I Modernise My Garden?

We spend so much time updating our homes with new wallpaper and paint jobs that the garden comes last on the to-do list. Then...

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garden trellis
15 Apr

Filling your canvas

Since caring for a garden is an ongoing pursuit, and maintenance breeds repetition, it can be easy for what once was a passion to...

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gardener in red hat works with flowers
12 Mar

Quick Gardening Ideas During Lockdown

In the last year, we’ve endured a lot. From cinemas closing and parents becoming homeschoolers to the loss of travel privileges, it’s been a...

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tiered garden
06 Jan

The Best Three Tier Garden Ideas

For many people, their garden is an outdoor haven that enables them to escape from the stresses of their day. The lucky ones have...

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