Costa Rica’s Floral Treasures

In the frosty depths of winter looking back wistfully at holiday photos, I came across those taken on a trip to Costa Rica a couple of years ago. It really is a beautiful country and we definitely look forward to visiting again.

We felt so privileged to see the spectacular flowers and plants, many of which we can only grow in a greenhouse or conservatory, happily growing in their breath-taking natural habitat.

Those shown here would need to be grown indoors or under cover (if you can grow them at all) in the UK – unless you know different!?

They may not all be Costa Rican natives, but, I think you’ll agree, they are all beautfiul.

Next week I’ll be posting some more of our Costa Rican photos to show how you can recreate that exotic, tropical feel in your own garden – with plants you can either grow outside in a sheltered spot all year round, or which you can put out in the garden, as we do, during the milder months of summer, as long as they are protected from the frost of winter. 

There are also many relatives of the plants listed above which can be more easily grown in the UK to create the tropical garden you’ve always wanted, and I’ll be covering those in a future blog.

Joshua Ellison

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