Garden Design Service: Can Turn Kitchen Into Edible Garden

How a Garden Design Service can turn your tiny London Kitchen into an Edible Garden

You don’t need a garden, balcony or even a rooftop to start a garden. You probably don’t live in London because of your fervent love of nature, and the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a little green thumb. Your kitchen/living room can be a garden too with just a little determination and with the right garden design service.

It’s a brilliant way to get hands-on and join in with your food from the seed being sown, all the way to the dining table, plus it’s even more fulfilling to make a dish with the food you’ve grown all by yourself. Homegrown herbs also taste brilliant, preserve the most nutrients, and really help with avoiding food waste by not buying too much with your groceries.

So do something great for the environment, your mouth, and your kitchen. A garden looks inspiring and check out these products which can help.

A Vertical Kitchen Garden Design

Created with the limitations of an apartment in mind, this thing makes the most of the vertical space when gardening inside. Buy by the column and fill your vertical farm with the seeds, it’s as simple as that.

Click and Grow Clever Herb Garden

Originally invented by NASA, this tiny garden uses just electricity and water. No pesticides or anything unnatural like that is used at all, all in the hope of helping you to grow your own edible plants. It doesn’t even require a window.

The Miracle-Gro Aerogarden

With this piece of kit, you’re making use of small little pods to grow your yield. A space-age look makes use of LED lights instead of sunlight to grow anything from herbs to salads greens. An automatic control panel leaves most of the gardening to the computer inside, so you can reap the rewards of fresh plants without much work, and no dirt either.

So there you go, just a few ways to have your own little garden, without needing a garden. There is always the old fashioned way of properly lining and filling a trough with the right soil and finding a space on your window sill, but here we wanted to cater for the extreme cases where even a space on a window sill can be at a premium.

At Floral & Hardy, our main job is providing people with a beautiful landscape garden design service, and our process is one of the ways that we set ourselves apart. Often you will have one or two people working on the job but we bring in all the appropriate experts at every stage of the landscape design, development and construction phase.

We think our landscape garden design service is second to none. The results can be seen on our garden design portfolio page on the site. We have the experience and the processes to deliver what you want on time and to the highest specifications.

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