Elements of Garden Landscaping

At Floral and Hardy, we are specialists when it comes to creating beautiful gardens and garden landscaping. Our garden designs start from our hand drawn designs, which we use to liaise with you to fully design and build your dream garden.

What is garden landscaping?

Garden landscaping includes both plant and non-plant features combined in a garden to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Garden landscaping can be applied by both the amateur gardener, as well as by garden designers like Floral and Hardy.

It doesn’t matter what the size of the garden, whether it is a public park or a small back yard, garden landscaping can be applied to any garden space.

There are numerous elements included in garden landscaping. These include: Flowers, outdoor furniture, trees, grass, water features, lighting and gravel.

Garden Furniture

The type of garden furniture selected for a garden ultimately comes down to what practical uses the garden has, and the style of the desired design.

With a domestic garden, for example, the practical use of the garden is based on what the property owner uses their garden for. Do they want to sit and read a book in their garden? If yes, they would require a bench or a sun lounger. Would they like a set of table and chairs? Or perhaps an artistic sculpture, or a greenhouse if they’re a keen gardener?

Furthermore, a public garden will probably require picnic benches that will need to be situated in a safe and sheltered location.


There are a number of considerations to make when deciding on the flowers for a particular garden. First of all, we should consider the maintenance of the flowers and how much time the gardener has at their fingertips to care for their plants.

If they have little time for gardening, depending on the time of year of course, plants that are easy to maintain, such as sunflowers, sweet peas, Nigella and Marigold may be the preferred option. However, if they gardener has more time on their hands, you may have more scope to plant a variation of flowers (that are not too challenging to look after, of course!).

Water Features

Ponds, water fountains and water barrels are all popular choices of water features for domestic gardens.

Depending on the style of the garden, you may wish to opt for more unique water features, such as unusually shaped ponds and bespoke water fountains.

In some gardens, a water feature may make for a focal point of the garden.


Lighting can really add a touch of elegance to a domestic garden, particularly when it is chosen wisely as part of your garden landscaping design. LED lights are a popular choice of outdoor lighting and can be both plain and multi-coloured. Some LED lights are placed in the ground while others are more of a fairy light style.

Garden Landscaping from Floral and Hardy

Our garden landscaping work at Floral and Hardy is performed under the motto that our team work with you to realise the true potential of your space, creating designer gardens from concept to reality, that adhere to your exact specifications.

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