Why You Should Employ A Garden Planner In Time For Spring

Unfortunately, it’s February, and, we can all too often, feel a bit low and down in the dumps due to the British winter weather. After being cold throughout November, December and January, by February we’re all looking forward to warming up and getting outside a little bit more.

Here at Floral and Hardy, we’re getting excited for Spring already, and are exploring all the wonderful ideas and plans we’ve got for the outdoor spaces we’re going to transform this season. After all, we’re experts in garden planning and aim to make the most of all the wonderful plants and flowers Springtime offers.

There are indeed numerous advantages to employing a garden designer to help plan your garden throughout the whole of the year.

However, take a look at exactly why we think you should employ a garden planner in time for Spring.

Garden planners understand which plants are suitable

Although you can, of course, research suitable plants for spring, a garden planner will have a greater understanding of what plants will thrive in Spring for the garden aesthetic you truly want.

Whether you would like to have a contemporary, traditional or wild appearance in your garden, a garden planner will undoubtedly be able to advise you of the most suitable plants for your unique garden space.

Garden planners can tame hedges at a professional level

Following the winter season, you may be worried that your hedges are looking slightly dishevelled and worry about what will happen to the rest of your garden if they grow back too quickly.

A garden planner can come in to your garden this Spring and tame your hedges so that they provide you with privacy and a natural aesthetic, without looking too wild or destroying precious plants in your garden.

Garden planners are experts when maintaining plants

Since Springtime can be a great time to take cuttings from plants, a garden planner can help you maintain your current plants so that they remain in their best condition throughout Spring, Summer and hopefully into Autumn too.

What’s more, a garden planner may be able to advise you of plants that will be suitable for your garden. After all, your garden could perhaps make a great home for plants that people are generally recommended to steer clear of.

Make the most of Springtime

Employing a garden planner in time for Spring will definitely help your garden flourish. A garden planner can discuss with you exactly what you would like from your garden and plan the layout of your garden accordingly.

After all, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing your garden design and having an expert on-hand will definitely help you to make the most of your garden this Spring, and also throughout the rest of the year.

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