Looking for an Excellent Kennington Garden Design?

Why Choose our Kennington Garden Design

At Floral & Hardy we focus in gorgeous Kennington garden designs, all of which are hand drawn by our expert designer – Helen Ellison. You will regularly have one or two of our team showing their faces in Kennington to work on the project and we will phase in additional experts in their field at each stage of the landscape design, development and construction.

We think our Kennington garden designs are the absolute pick of the bunch. We possess all the experience and the tried-and-true methods to deliver what you want on time and to the highest specifications.

  • Because we use our own in house experts, you get a beautiful hand drawn plan of the work to be undertaken. No computers used here, only dedication and expertise.
  • When you work with Floral & Hardy, you benefit from our teamwork structure that ensures all groundwork is done by ground workers, structural work is done by professional builders, and planting is done by professional horticulturalists.
  • Our status at the best garden designers in Kennington, rests not only on our expertise in garden design and construction but also on reliability and excellence in all that we deliver.
  • Attention to every detail ensures that you get the beautifully designed landscaped garden you want, and that you’re ready to start enjoying it as soon as we’re done with those all-important final touches that make all the difference.

Our vivid experience of designing gardens of all types around Kennington means we bring about lots of ideas and experience to your new garden landscape. Additionally, you can start the process easily with a no obligation quotation from our professional designer team. Kennington will look all the more vibrant once we’re finished.

A beautifully designed garden is literally ‘the room outside’; a place where you can relax and enjoy the changing seasons in Kennington, and a place that reflects your own personality. From Concept to Construction, we will manage the whole project for you.

When choosing a garden designer it’s important to ensure that you’re talking to someone who understands your wants and needs and someone who will also provide you with a beautiful garden, designed and drawn in full consultation with you.

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