Garden Bird Watch

Wonderful Garden Birdwatch

Get into your garden or park this weekend – 25/26th January – and count the birds that you see there.

Garden Birdwatch

The RSPB are inviting everyone to take part in their survey for the Big Garden Birdwatch to keep a record of the wildlife where we all live. All you have to do is spend an hour recording the different species of bird that comes into your garden. To take part you first need to register and you’ll be sent reminders and a free guide, then keep watch for an hour and record the number of species that you see, lastly submit your results via any device or by post.

Details can be found on the main RSPB website under ‘Big Garden Birdwatch’. You’ll find a guide there on what to look out for, how to attract birds into your garden and even some examples of birdsong that you can listen to!

If you have any Holly, Ivy or Hawthorn in your garden, these are three great shrubs for wild birds in the winter as they provide sources of food and shelter for them so include them as part of your garden design.

Bird populations are a good indicator of the health of the countryside. That’s why it’s so important to take part in the survey to keep an eye on any ups and downs of the wildlife where we live. So get into your garden or any green space this weekend and spend an hour watching our wonderful bird population.

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