How our Garden Design Services Creates the Garden you had in mind.

Discover our personal garden design services

Perhaps you’re don’t feel comfortable when you go to design own garden, and would like someone to take care of it for you?

If this sounds like you then here at Floral & Hardy we offer world class garden design services, right here in the UK. You will take delivery of our professional garden plans for you to mull over and discuss with us, drawn up by our professional garden designer Helen Ellison, whilst saving you money in the long term, and likely adding a lot of money onto your house price, thanks to a lot of experience reaped over the years.

We offer a personal service which involves you in every stage of the design process right through to the final landscaped garden. We can design any size, shape or style of garden to suit your sense of taste. We have designed gardens all over the UK, and can fit the brief whether it be for traditional, modern, urban, official, natural, cottage or even colourful foreign styles if you come from abroad and would like the taste of home in your back garden.

The choice of style you want is of course yours, though we can help guide you if you’re not sure about it at any stage.

Every single garden can benefit hugely from a great design service, no matter how small it is. Getting the correct sort of design in place prior to you adding the plants and landscapes is vital to the success and longevity of the garden. Deprived of a good design structure, such as the basic shapes of your lawn, to the patio or deck areas, it won’t matter how pleasant the plants you choose are, your garden will never look as good as you hope without a good initial design.

We guarantee that all the trees, shrubs and perennials we supply via our expert garden design services, will establish in the first year. If not, we will replace free of charge so you don’t have to worry about the longevity either.

Whatever your garden design ideas, we’re sure you’ll find some inspiring garden styles here in our services portfolio which includes some our best work which you’ll see has been done all over the UK.

We offer a personal service throughout the country which involves you in every stage of the design process right through to the final landscaped garden, or you can be as hands off as you like.

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