Can a Professional Garden Designer Add Value to Your House?

How the right garden designer can create the best garden as well as add value to your property

A cleverly designed garden which has that knockout reaction can really add noteworthy value to your assets. Town houses throughout London which also have a well-choreographed back garden greatly adds value to that house. Some properties in London have reportedly been sold for an extra 20% above the average, all thanks to a good garden designer. In high-class places such as Notting Hill, amazingly comparable properties can have a surprising 40% price difference too due to the exact same reason.

Marketing a house is all about making the house really stand out from the crowd. A designer garden is exactly the way to do this, it adds that extra something special.

Over the recent years the demand for good and professional garden design has increased significantly. Our company is getting more and more busy with each passing year too. The public have become much more conscious of gardens and almost everybody now values the variances between a ‘pleasant’ garden and a ‘stunning’ one. They also appreciate that a brilliantly designed garden will also scale up the value of a property significantly as well.

From expressing those crucial words “The garden needs a change” to walking outside into that dream landscape, our professional garden designer will work through numerous phases to make sure that your ideal proposal and your ultimate expectations are met. So what designer garden characteristics do house shoppers really look for, which we can provide?

Well, through many surveys and estate agents’ feedback, it’s obvious that low upkeep and unobtrusive quiet areas seem to be the popular thing buyers are demanding, second to this is always the lovely water feature. Developers who build the unique new homes in the countryside now realise the status of leaving their mark in the garden, as well as in the fixtures and fittings inside of the home.

The important thing about a garden is that it should supplement the house and the scenery in terms of proportion and stylishness. The sense of balance is in the beauty alongside upkeep, and this is where our professional garden designer can guide on the best type of garden to complement the property and the daily life of its inhabitants.

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