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ornamental grasses
25 Jul

5 Endangered Plant Species

A changing world Earlier this month we released a piece about some of the most unusual plant species that are now extinct and while...

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seedling in the hands
13 Jul

Health-Conscious Gardening

Gardening for Longevity Unfortunately, yours truly has suffered a pretty severe ankle injury earlier in the week which has left me unable to enjoy...

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05 Jul

Lost Worlds: 5 Fascinating Extinct Plants

Gone but not forgotten In our planet’s history, 99.9% of all species of animals and plants that once existed are now extinct today. And...

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balcony gardening
24 Jun

Indoor Plants for Cat Lovers

The Jungle Inside We’re all plant lovers here and while our domestic cats all once started outdoors, it can be difficult to know which...

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hobbit hole
24 Jun

Kate Bush and the Celebrity Garden

A Deal With Gardening Kate Bush has recently made headlines when during an interview she was asked why she had been inactive for the...

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woodland gardens
13 Jun

Organic Architecture: Past, Present, and Future

From shelters to cities Since our ancestors first left the tropical forests of Africa, and probably long before that, we have sought shelter wherever...

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