Garden Designers at The Great Chelsea Garden Challenge

The new TV series for garden designers

A landscaper’s design has been given first prize as the triumphant garden on hit TV series, The Great Chelsea Garden Challenge.

The founder of a Bournemouth-based Garden Landscape designer, was selected to bring captivating designer Sean Murray’s dream to life.

The BBC2 show witnessed six unprofessional garden designers contend against each other in a series of creative trials, mentored by Joe Swift from Gardener’s World, to win the chance to design a garden for the main pathway of the Chelsea Flower Show.

The designers had only four days, and a limited budget, to produce show gardens in diverse classes to impress RHS Judge James Alexander Sinclair and garden designer Ann-Marie Powell.

Murray appointed the landscaping company to emphasise the Royal Horticultural Society’s drive, which is ‘Greening Grey Britain’, which combines plants with parking in an attempt to stop front gardens being paved over completely to make way for driveways for cars.

The garden landscapers got the call in November last year and was avowed to secrecy about their participation until the show was aired on TV last month.

They stated: “We underwent the build at the beginning of May, ready for the start of the show and then the hush-hush was over. It’s a great honour to have been selected to bring Sean’s visionary design to life.”

The crowned garden united a variety of plants with areas for off-street parking, gravel and acclimatised planting. It keeps firm surfacing to as little as possible due to the potential for localised flooding and raising temperatures in the summer.

The RHS is asking all gardeners and designers to take a stand against the spread of seven million grey and paved-over facade front gardens in the UK by planting trees, shrubs and flowers in order to entice wildlife, improve the air quality and dropping urban temperatures as the bonus, along with the huge benefit of actually significantly reducing the risk of flooding out the test of your street. Remember for a moment that the rain has absolutely nowhere to go or sink in to.

At Floral & Hardy we are dedicated to giving you the most beautiful landscape gardens, and our process is one of the ways that we set ourselves at a distance from the competition.

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