How a Proper Garden Designing can Save our Hedgehogs

How Garden Designing can help Hedgehogs Survival

The Royal Horticultural Society and The Wildlife Trusts are partnering up with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and its Hedgehog Street campaign throughout this year’s Wild about Gardening Week.

They hope to stress how gardeners can help our hedgehogs, whose figures have fallen by a third in the past 10 years.

Adult hedgehogs can trek more than a mile every night, which is why Wild about Gardens Week is advising everyone to cut small archways, just over 30cm big, in our wooden fences for them to get from garden to garden. Here are some more tips on designing (or not) an inviting garden where hedgehogs and other walks of life can thrive and enjoy themselves.

  • Create a wildlife pond with a slant so that hedgehogs can spoil themselves in the water, but remember to go about designing it with rocks and stones so they don’t drown if it’s too deep.
  • Examining any long grass before mowing in the spring and compost heaps before forking them over is also advised.
  • If you do purchase a hedgehog house make sure it is not north or north-east facing, to dodge any cold winds that may come in, and don’t treat the wood of the houses as the fumes can be very harmful.
  • An even easier thing to do is leaving an area of your garden to grow wild, with bits of wood, twigs, branches, and leaf piles that hedgehogs can hibernate in.
  • Long grass is the perfect environment for the insects hedgehogs feed on, and cultivating plants that entice pollinators will also deliver them more food.

These types of gardens are far better suited for those people who don’t have very green thumbs and only occasionally mow the lawn. In today’s busy world, those people are becoming more and more prevalent, with no time left at the end of the day for many people to do much tidying up or plant flowers and shrubs in the spring.

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