Garden Designs: Choose the Right Type of Garden for you.

Find great garden designs project whatever your tastes and lifestyle regime

Urban garden design service

Urban gardens have to contain a lot of things within them, such as giving you outdoor space for planting, rest, play and entertainment. Typically in a comparatively small area, they need ingenious plans to make them work well. Most urban gardens become either practical spaces or plant-filled sanctuaries into which you can flee the hectic city life. They often feature slight designs and repetitive patterns for maximum effect.

Wildlife-friendly garden designing

Wildlife-friendly gardens consist of plants and constructions that entice native wildlife, such as birds, helpful insects and small mammals. Piles of logs, hedgehog containers, bee houses and more all help to bring in nature that is stimulating to watch, and which will help the gardener by keeping down vermin such as slugs. Many florae are attractive to pollinating creatures and you can have a wildlife-friendly garden however big or small your exterior space is.

Mediterranean UK garden design 

Mediterranean plots can be formal or informal, and get their motivation from the shrubbery of the hot, dry weathers of the south of France, Italy and Spain. Pebbles are frequently used between points of drought-tolerant plant life, including lavender, olive trees, rosemary and creepers. This is a style that can acclimatise well to the British weather, but some Mediterranean plants have an aversion to our wet winters and will need shelter in a cooler climate.

Contemporary garden design services

Sharp, clean lines are an essential part of modern garden designs, which can be used in small or larger gardens. Similarly important is the use of space, ordered layout and the lack of too many elaborate parts and disorder. This all adds up to a garden that could be the flawless remedy to a chaotic lifestyle. It should be energetic yet soothing.

The resources tend to be natural and ageless such as stone, slate and wood. Plants become just one part of the construction. Picture clipped hedges, specimen trees and modest blocks of planting. Water is repeatedly used to create natural mirrors, and recreate movement or sound.

Formal garden designing service

Formal grounds have a stable and balanced design with symmetry and a clear floor plan. Their hard and soft landscaping will have an ordered assembly, often around a central highlight. However, in spite of its ostentatious roots, this style adjusts well to any sized garden, even small urban areas.

Symmetrical planting adjoining a direct path that runs to a focal point such as a statue is the essence of formal garden flair.

Cottage garden design service

Plentiful planting that rolls over onto slim pathways, multitudes of colour and fragrant flowers, this is a typically English style. Originally, cottage gardens sprang up as a method of growing a lot of fruit and veg, alongside the flowers in the plots of the countryside, but their dreamy grace captured the hearts of people living in urban centres, and this style can definitely be adjusted with ease for an urban garden.

The traditional humble, rectangular designs are tempered by the abundance of plants. However, cottage gardens still need the restraint of recurrent colour and planting, with hedges to provide an outline.

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