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‘Dads garden too’ – the motto of this editorial, encouraged somewhat by the dire lack of father’s day oriented horticultural kit, considering we are now less than a week from the day, we find it somewhat distressing how little attention, and indeed accolade, is paid to the man who, while driving the boys to football and the girls to dance class (or vice versa!) every Saturday, still finds time to tend his other ‘greener’ children.

As such, we’re listing our top choices, after scouring various retailers, for father’s day gardeners’ gifts, in the hope that this obscure niche of presents will become adequately swollen to represent the praise all these fathers deserve.

Having previously mentioned the relative non-existence of presents tailored to this idea, we’ve divided this list into two parts, the first will deal with tools for the garden and specifically things that will make the task itself easier for the recipient.

The second list will deal with things that can be enjoyed in the garden including furniture and decorative items.

So, first the tools:

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1. Garden Bucket Caddy

These are available relatively inexpensively, depending on the size and quality of what you’re after, and as the name describes it takes the form of any standard bucket, however, it also includes a custom made utility belt that looks like it would be more at home in the Batcave than on a lawn. They have deep pockets for all varieties of storage, mini-belts for things like trowels, forks and gloves; they also have specially design seed pockets attached that provide weather protection for said seeds.

picture of wet and dry blower

2. Wet and Dry Blower

A bit more expensive than the caddy, these outdoor hoovers come with a detachable blower and, as their name suggests, are comfortable in dealing with run-of-the-mill lawn or bed debris as well as messy waterlogged detritus. Imagine the hours of raking and shovelling and bagging you’ll save your father with one of these convertible hand-held blowers, considering its huge 10 gallon capacity – I should guess quite a few.

picture of garden kneeler-come-seat

3. Garden Kneeler-Come-Seat

I’d describe this next entry as essential for the active father – all that running and jumping and climbing that comes with raising hellions can play literal hell on your back and joints – similarly, as many of you can relate, to the aches and pains of gardening. Here lies your solution. This kneeler weighs in at an incredible 8 pounds while maintaining a weight bearing capacity of up to 250! Not only that but as its name suggests, this handy piece of kit can be folded to form a seat, for when the time for kneeling has finished, and the time for relaxation and enjoyment begins.

picture of aerobin insulated composter

4. Aerobin Insulated Composter

Coming in at a little over £200, this is the most expensive present on our list, but if you’re feeling generous, it’s well-worth considering. The beauty of this device stems from the fact that it is completely automated. The Aerobin will instinctively register the colder weather of winter and adjust its temperature in order to maintain the optimum climate for bacterial action. As well as this, the air flow design is built vertically so that the compost effectively turns itself, freeing you, or the father in question, from the task.

picture of countertop growlight

5. Countertop Growlight

We move inward now while considering the final practical addition to our gardening father’s wish list, it is appropriate we do so as part two of our list will centre on the enjoyment of the garden, rather than its formation. This device is basically a simple, plug-in LED system that can be adapted to your cooker hood or countertop and therefore provide an extra space, protected from the elements, in which to raise seeds and seedlings, or to grow herbs all year round.

Tune in tomorrow for more, last-minute present ideas.

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By Josh Ellison

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