Garden Landscaping and Garden Ideas for All the Family

Find some great Garden Landscaping and Garden ideas for your Outdoor Space

We often get on with garden projects that need to take into consideration, the needs of the whole family, particularly children. There are countless amounts of varied and creative ways to make a garden that people of all ages can use and appreciate. Preferably, there should be distinct areas for kids to play and where adults can sit, relax and mingle.

In one particular landscaping garden, there was already a big pond in place, but it really needed to be made safe, to avert anyone falling in. To resolve this problem, a timber deck that was both a seating area and a jetty was used to answer the issues.

The deck appears to hover over the surface, which flows underneath, and a unit was made harmless and safe for kids with the adding of a slight stake fence and a gate permitting access to the jetty area. In turn, the jetty let the kids get near to the pond and discover the wildlife in it.

In the winter, a mud-covered or rainy landscape garden can reduce its use, but fitting a weather-proof overlay is a simple answer. This also means the kids can play outside all year. Among some of them are astro-turf, which has all the gains of an ordinary lawn, but it’s also care free, as it doesn’t need chopping back or weeding out. It looks genuine too, and is an excellent surface to play on.

Salvaged rubber chippings are a substitute for a clean and safe play area. The chippings come in various colours as you may have seen in parks, so they can look natural and merge themselves into the plot for your own space, or you can decide to have more exciting colours for an amusing play area.

At Floral & Hardy we are committed to providing you with the most beautiful landscaping gardens, and our process is one of the ways that we set ourselves apart. Often you will have one or two people working on the job but we bring in all the appropriate experts at every stage of the landscaping design, development and construction phase.

We think our garden landscaping and garden designs are second to none. The results can be seen in our garden design portfolio and should also give you a flavour of how hard we work to develop your perfect landscape garden. We have the experience and the processes to deliver what you want on time and to the highest specifications.

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