Garden Tips and Tricks for June

There’s no better time to get out in the garden than June, of course. Especially since June 21st is the longest day of the year!

And, following the May Bank Holiday, we’re sure, here at Floral and Hardy, that you’ll be getting green fingered and gardening-inspired more than ever in June 2017.

Whether you are new to gardening, perhaps embellishing the outdoor area of our first property, or a seasoned gardener, double checking the best gardening practice for the start of summer, take a look at our top 10 gardening tips and tricks for June. They’re no secret but should definitely equip the knowledge of all gardeners!

  1. Hoe weeds regularly in dry conditions

Hoe weeds sprouting through dry soil to keep on top of them during the summer months. After all, weeds, just like bought plants, will thrive in daylight and milder weather conditions.

  1. Plant your hanging baskets

Because frost is highly unlikely in the summer months, June is an excellent time of year to plant your hanging baskets. You could also plant summer beds, containers and planters at this time of year since more delicate shrubs and flowers are likely to survive. In addition, cut back bushy hanging baskets now to encourage regrowth.

  1. Water your garden

Newly planted shrubs, trees and plants and newly laid lawns should be well-watered now. Bear in mind that plants will be drying out much more quickly now than in Spring and Autumn.

  1. Lift and divide yellowing plants

Plants like snowdrops and bluebells can be lifted and divided into clumps when their leaves start to yellow.

  1. Pick sweet peas

If your sweet peas are successful and start to flower, pick them to encourage further growth.

  1. Cut back hardy geraniums

June is a prime month to start dead-heading hardy geraniums in order to promote new growth.

  1. Tie and train climbing plants

Tie up climbing plants, like honeysuckle, for example, to train new shoots to grow into climbing plants. You can buy your own bamboo to make your own wigwam shape structure or buy an alternative from the garden centre.

  1. Prune plum and cherry trees

June is the perfect time of year to start pruning your plum and cherry trees.

  1. Set mower blades higher

If your lawn starts to suffer from longer periods of dry weather, you may want to set the mower blades on your lawn mower higher to reduce the stress on your lawn.

  1. Shade your greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse, make sure it is shaded during warmer months.

Would you like some more gardening advice for June?

If you would like some more tips and tricks for what to do in the garden in June, you are more than welcome to contact us at Floral and Hardy.

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