Environmental Gardens

Some modern gardens can be environmentally unfriendly, whether it’s because they waste water or use harmful chemicals. At Floral & Hardy, we understand the importance of reducing your impact on the environment, and can create environmental gardens that work in harmony with the natural world.

Eco-Friendly Garden Design

Even small gardens can have a big impact on the environment, and so we would look at ways to make them more efficient, without sacrificing beautiful design. One way to make your garden more environmentally friendly is to make it a pleasant environment for wildlife. You could grow wildflowers or other flowers that bees love, or even make some space to grow your own fruits or vegetables. Using species of plants that are native to the area is also more environmentally friendly, as they tend to grow naturally without too much extra watering or the use of chemicals. By adding raised flower beds, you can also use less water, and grow a large number of plants in even the smallest areas.

Small Steps to Becoming Environmentally Friendly

If you are looking to go organic and cut down on chemicals, then having your own compost making facilities means you can nourish your plants and recycle waste. We could also add water butts to collect rain, or even the greywater from your kitchen, bathroom, or appliances, which can then be used around the garden.

Lighting & Solar Panels

If you are thinking of adding lighting, then solar options are practical and free to run, and while patio heaters don’t have a great reputation among environmentalists, there are more eco-friendly options such as electric.

Recycling Materials

Recycling and re-using different items allow you to change the look of your garden without damaging the environment. Railway sleepers can be turned into stylish, rustic decking, or to make a path, while old barrels could be turned into patio furniture. Upcycled gardens make use of all sorts of everyday objects, turning them into interesting garden features, and avoiding sending things to landfills.

Sustainable Practices

Organic living means you use natural resources instead of chemically enhanced materials. For example, many gardeners use pesticides and weed killers that can cause a negative impact on the environment.

Our team will use natural practices such as strategic placement and square foot gardening to get you started. We’re also happy to offer advice and support, so you can learn from us and maintain your outdoor oasis.

The Benefits of Eco-Gardening

It’s a fact that human beings are responsible for a lot of the damage to our planet. Overfishing, plastic pollution and carbon emissions are just some of the negative effects our society creates. But there is a way to change the way we do things to protect our planet and all of its beings.

Environmentally friendly gardening can make a positive impact on the environment, and you only have to make a few small changes to contribute to a greater cause.

Fresher Food

Organic vegetables are packed with nutrients because eco-friendly gardening removes all of the pesticides and nasty chemicals from your soil. Growing your own produce also enables you to enjoy the fresh taste of vegetables straight from your garden.

Cuts Down on Carbon Emissions

A lot of supermarkets are trying to incorporate local products into their ranges, but most have to transport fruit and vegetables. Transport increases carbon emissions, so when you use your garden to grow your own produce, you’re able to take it from soil to plate.

Better Lifestyle

We all need to get more exercise, but few people actually enjoy going to the gym. Creating and maintaining an environmentally garden is the perfect alternative to doing battle with the treadmill. You’ll get more fresh air, and have a workout that benefits your physical and mental wellbeing.

The extra money you save on supermarket trips will also improve your lifestyle!

Why Choose Floral & Hardy?

Floral & Hardy is an expert landscape design company that provides unique garden solutions. We work with a range of clients in London and the surrounding areas, so no job is too big or small for our team of professionals.

Whether it’s urban havens or large estate gardens, we’ll help you make the most of your available space, without compromising on aesthetic design.

When you look at our website, you’ll see a range of projects we’ve completed, and we’re happy to show you around our portfolio and offer help if you’re not sure about creating an eco-garden.

Our commitment to perfection, a strong reputation with our clients and repeat customers that keep coming back are all reasons we’re one of the premier UK landscaping companies.

Contact Us Today

Are you ready to create a better future? Floral & Hardy create environmental gardens of all sizes in the city, suburbs, and country. Our expert team of landscape designers are on hand to offer expert support.

We’ll discuss your vision and tell you how we can make it a reality with a specialist design that incorporates planting areas and organic practices. Simply give us a call for an initial consultation on 0844 884 2425.

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