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Floral & Hardy have worked on many large country estates, and created beautiful and practical gardens for their owners to enjoy. Undertaking estate design can be a big project, and our team of experienced, knowledgeable garden designers can work with you to create the perfect outdoor space. We’ve worked with many owners of historic and listed properties, and have designed grounds that are in keeping with the style of their beautiful estates.

Your Estate Deserves the Best, So Don’t Settle For Standard

There’s something so magical about a country estate. From the stunning house, that’s usually bathed in history to the wonderful gardens, many people love to visit their local manor and enjoy a wonderful day out.

Whether your estate is your home, or open to visitors, you should emphasize the magnitude of the gardens, and show off each aspect that makes them special. Regardless of whether your garden is three or thirty acres, we’re confident that each landscape gardener that works with Floral & Hardy can turn your estate garden into a haven.

We welcome our clients’ ideas, and will always do our best to make sure your garden is so much more than a place to get some fresh air. We want every single aspect of your magnificent property, from the entrance to trees and lake areas to shine and show why UK country estate properties are famous around the world. 


When it comes to designing the grounds of an estate, you often have several acres to work with, and so you have space for both practical and pretty features. We can show you some of the previous estates that we’ve worked with, and show you how to integrate features such as parking, stables, and outbuildings.

Working with the existing structure of your garden, we can create a space with all the features you need.


When it comes to planning your estate’s grounds, we work closely with you to come up with a detailed plan. This includes making sketches and a final high-quality plan, so you can check everything is perfect before you decide to proceed. If your estate is a listed building, then you may need a plan to be created before you seek planning permission, and we can work around any restrictions.

Traditional or contemporary design

There are lots of garden designs that can work well in your estate. You may decide to go for large, well-manicured lawns with neat stripes, or you may want a more rustic, country garden atmosphere. We can help turn your vision into a reality, whether you want a modern or classic garden, or elements of both.

Unique designs

When you have the luxury of lots of outdoor space, the possibilities really are endless as to what you can do with it. We’ve planned estate gardens with play areas, sunken trampolines, swimming pools, and all sorts of unique and exciting features. Our designers could create a secret garden, vegetable patches, or some pretty water features within your grounds. Just let your imagination run wild, and we will turn your dreams into a practical design.

Estate garden design can help you make the most of the grounds of your home, turning your gardens into space that’s practical, beautiful, and fun.

Speak to Floral & Hardy today, and we’ll be happy to discuss designing a brand new garden.

Why Choose Our Landscape Gardening Service?

When it comes to landscape gardening, we truly believe that no challenge is too big and love working on magnificent outdoor spaces. As one of the premier landscape design companies in London, we make sure every single aspect of your garden will shine.

Expert Team

You want the best for your garden, right? When we work on a garden, we understand that you want it to match your property. Most country estates are from the past century, so it’s essential that the design of your garden has some resemblance to your home.

We’ll work with you to decide what will work best, and look at different options, including woodland, paths, lakes and play areas for kids and dogs.

Each of our designers is fully qualified, and experienced in working with a range of plants, hardscaping materials and softscaping techniques.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

We’ve worked on so many projects and our customer base continues to grow. Perhaps it’s our approach to design, or maybe it’s the skill of our gardeners. Either way, we’re happy that people choose Floral & Hardy to bring their vision to life.

We’ve worked on a range of projects, including urban spaces, large countryside gardens with woodland, creating a bespoke tiered garden and have planted exotic flowers in UK gardens. Whether you need paths, or a trail towards your house, our collection of landscape specialists will always do their best to create a stunning outdoor space regardless of whether it’s a family or public garden.

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If you’d like to know more about our gardens, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. They’ll be able to advise you on our services, and how we’re staying in line with government advice about social distancing guidelines.

Book your free consultation today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options. We’re open from Monday to Friday during normal office hours, so feel free to get in touch. Feel free to use the contact form on our website and you can explore our portfolio below.

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