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The combination of serenity and natural beauty make Japanese gardens a popular choice of style. Often incorporating water features, evergreen shrubs, and delicate flowers, this exotic garden style is popular around the world, and many public parks have been inspired to add their own tranquil, Japanese style spaces. At Floral & Hardy, we have experience of Japanese garden design and can bring a little bit of this beautiful country to your own backyard.

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The Tranquil Outdoor Experience You’ve Been Searching For

A garden can be an outdoor area with a few flowers and a patch of lawn. Or it can be an example of stunning architecture that combines style with scenery to create a peaceful space.

To achieve the right look, you need a specialist garden design company. Floral & Hardy are experts in Japanese gardens and can work with you to decide the elements that will turn your backyard into an outdoor paradise.

We can transform your garden with interest in art and culture – adding some much-needed style to make it stand out. Our team of gardeners consistently outperform and know the importance of considering practical elements such as garden structure while balancing it with aesthetic appeal.

Practical Considerations

Your garden structure shouldn’t hold you back, and our teamwork collaboratively with each other to make sure nothing is out of your reach.

Hill gardens can cause some issues, but we can adapt the design to your garden style without losing the style and features you crave.

Style and Design

There are so many things you can do to create the ultimate Japanese garden experience. Style elements can make a big difference, and a few plants can go a long way.

Cherry Trees: The cultural phenomenon in Japan, people travel far and wide to see cherry blossoms. If you want that oriental look, plant cherry trees to take you a bit closer to the overall theme.

Stones: Whether you want to place stones around a pond or create a rock garden, we can help you. Pebble stones especially work for Japanese garden design.

Bamboo Tube: Another oriental classic, a bamboo tube can form a fence, or you can even buy furniture.

Gravel: Gravel works perfectly with your Japanese garden design and can create a minimalist look pathway. It also improves the architecture – especially when we add bridges and rocks.

Tea gardens: Imagine combining Britain’s favourite beverage with a Japanese garden, and you’ll have the place that everyone wants to go for a tea party. With the right design, you can create the infamous tea houses in Japan. We can even build you a unique structure.

Japanese Bridge: Why not add a bridge to your Japanese garden? Placing it over a pond is a wonderful way to enjoy nature, and it will be a firm favourite with people that visit.

Water features

Water features are a major part of a Japanese garden, and the calmness of a pond or the delicate trickle of a rock cascade can really add a relaxing touch to your garden. Natural, slightly rustic styles work well in Japanese gardens, and classic water features are often made with large stones or bamboo.

Koi ponds are also a popular feature for those who enjoy the Japanese aesthetic. Keeping exotic fish such as colourful koi carp can be an enjoyable hobby, and they’re very relaxing to watch as they splash around. Floral & Hardy could create a suitable pond for your koi, and add features such as a mini-waterfall or garden bridge to help you capture the Japanese look.

Flowers and trees

The perfect Japanese garden is lush and green, with bursts of colour from lots of tiny flowers, and a bright, alive look. Floral & Hardy will help you to select the right shrubs, trees, and flowers to help you get that look, and can advise on which plants will survive the British weather.

Large evergreen shrubs are popular in Japan, and they usually make a good base for any garden. In Japanese garden design, they often use oak, cherry, or willow trees, which can also be a lovely, low maintenance option for medium to large gardens. You can then add flowerbeds or pots with azaleas, camellias, and Japanese iris, or any small, delicate flower that adds a burst of colour.


Japanese gardens often have many interesting hard landscaping features such as stone pathways, zen gardens, and wooden pagodas. Floral & Hardy can advise on Japanese landscape design that will suit the size and shape of your garden, and ensure that all the elements work well together.

If you’d like to add an exotic touch to your garden, then elements of Japanese design can make it into a more colourful, relaxing space. Floral & Hardy have designed many Japanese styled gardens full of traditional features and can show you how this look could be incorporated into your garden.

Design Your Japanese Garden Today

If you’d like to see our previous Japanese garden design you can visit our portfolio below. You can also contact us to discuss the elements you’re interested in.

Whether it’s a minimalist approach or an elaborate tea garden, our expert team of gardens can work with you to achieve the right architecture and style.

Contact us through our website, telephone or email address. We’re happy to give you more information about our extensive services.

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