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If you want to keep your garden simple and calm, then the minimalist garden look might suit you. With clean lines, neutral colours, and neatly trimmed greenery, this contemporary style looks great in modern homes, and is perfect for those who want to create an oasis from modern life. Floral & Hardy design minimalist gardens of all sizes that are practical and beautiful, with design features that suit your lifestyle.

Understand Elegance

Minimalist design is simple yet elegant, and it’s crucial for the layout to still be attractive. That’s why you should contact the garden design experts at Floral & Hardy to create a soothing and pleasant minimalist garden. They will be able to use exciting textures and a palette of soft neutral tones to give your garden a stylish finish.

Hard landscaping

Hard landscaping is essential in minimalist gardens. Smooth, neutral materials such as slate, limestone, and marble can create interesting features such as patios and paths. At the same time, gravel or stones can replace flowerbeds and lawns for those who want a low maintenance garden.

Adding some landscaping features to your garden will stop a minimalist design from becoming too monotonous. There are lots of features you could add that would make a significant impact. You could add a serene pond, a relaxing seating area, or raised gardens for greenery. Simple water features also work very well in a minimalistic garden and add a zen atmosphere to your backyard.


Choosing a minimalist garden design doesn’t mean you have to avoid soft landscaping features such as plants and shrubs. Neatly trimmed shrubs and a well-manicured lawn can look great in a minimalist garden, and lush greenery contrasts nicely with crisp white stone and neutral colours.


Because you’re using a minimal palette of colours, it’s essential to get the right shape and layout of a garden to prevent it from looking bare. Floral & Hardy can work with you to get the right design and will draw up plans to create the right minimalist look. You can then decide whether this kind of look will work with your space and make any changes before work begins.

Whether you have a courtyard garden or an ample outdoor space to work with, the minimalist look can work in all sorts of gardens.

Floral & Hardy can create a garden with a few stylish and straightforward features and ensure that it’s relaxing and low maintenance. Simply give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss your garden design.

Why Choose Us For Minimalist Garden Design?

Now more than ever, people realise that less can be more. With many turning their interiors into a minimalistic haven, it’s only natural that the garden is next on their list.

Minimalism is about enhancing your natural space without overcrowding it. Many regard it as an actual lifestyle rather than an interior design trend. It’s imperative in gardens because small areas can often be taken over by flowers and furniture. As experienced professionals in small garden design, we can help you to create a stunning space.

Zero Clutter

Our designers will accommodate things such as plants, water features and furniture without overcrowding your space.

Creating a Relaxing Minimalist Garden

Can you concentrate at work if your desk is full of clutter? It’s precisely the same with your garden. Overcrowded spaces with so many plants and furniture don’t promote a relaxing environment. Our designers are specialists in designing minimalist gardens and will create a calming outdoor area.

Sourcing Stunning Materials

The days of plastic furniture are long gone, and it’s all about rattan. Classic gardens look fantastic with wooden furniture, and or you could go for some contemporary metal and bamboo designs.

Whatever Your Style Preference, We Can Help

Whether you prefer classical themes or want to inject some contemporary style into your minimalist garden, we can help you choose suitable trees and other green elements, ponds, and design play areas for the kids.

We’ll Always Go The Extra Mile

A calming minimalist garden is a fantastic way to ensure nature and promote relaxation. We understand that you want to make sure your minimalist garden will be a good investment, so please feel free to check our portfolio.


Contact Us About Minimalist Garden Design

If you’d like to discuss your minimalist garden needs, please feel free to contact our team of designers. As specialists in minimalist gardening, we guarantee to provide a stunning outdoor space that suits your personal style.

From architectural planning, textured walls, deciduous trees and choosing the right minimalist water feature, we know that the garden of your dreams can be yours at the click of the button.

Whether you have a large garden or a small space, our minimalist designs will work for your needs.

Get in touch through telephone, email address or the contact form on our website.

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