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Roof gardens are often seen in urban spaces, and they transform ordinary flat roofs into beautiful, green spaces. They’re especially popular in places such as London at the moment, as property prices are high, and space is at a premium. You’ll often see roof gardens on the top of large tower blocks, creating a communal garden space for city dwellers where they can relax, mingle, and enjoy the view.

The Benefits of Roof Garden Design

Cities such as London are known for their diverse range of activities and active nightlife scene, but residents often compromise on their living space. Interior design allows people to make the most of their house space, but many people lose out on being able to enjoy a garden.

Roof gardens are an excellent way to enjoy the city skyline while relaxing outside. Floral & Hardy offer roof gardens for both homeowners and landlords. There are many benefits of roof gardens including:

  1. Landlords can attract a professional tenant to their building and make it a sought after venue to reside in.
  2. Rooftop gardens are an excellent way to entertain your guests.
  3. There are plenty of roof garden design options.
  4. Each tenant can use the space, which creates a strong sense of community in apartments.
  5. Roof gardens can become the focal point of your property and they raise the value.


Floral & Hardy are experts in making the most of small spaces, and we can turn tiny roof spaces into pretty, practical gardens that you’ll love. You may be looking to turn the space into a contemporary garden roof, with patio space, neatly trimmed shrubs, and sleek design features, or you might want to add something a little different like an edible garden or water features.

Creating a roof garden has a unique set of challenges. Many roof spaces are complete blank canvases, and so they need to be designed from the ground up. If you want to install turf or flowerbeds, then they need proper drainage, and obviously, we will need to ensure that the roof can support these features.

Safety is also important when it comes to designing a roof garden. Floral & Hardy will need to visit the site and identify any potential safety issues and can integrate railings and other features into your garden design. We can also install living walls in place of fencing, which allows for vertical planting, and instantly add greenery and colour to a roof garden.

Whether you have sole access to roof space or are looking to build a communal space, we can give you lots of roof garden ideas that will suit the space. You could add:

  • Outdoor living/dining space – complete with patio heaters and lighting for year-round use
  • Relaxation areas with loungers or outdoor sofas
  • Raised flowerbeds for growing food, herbs, or flowers
  • Large shrubs and bushes for privacy
  • Water features – from ponds to swimming pools
  • Sheltered areas for rainy days
  • Play areas
  • An outdoor bar area, BBQ, or pizza oven

If you are thinking of having a roof garden installed or renovated, then pick up the phone and call Floral & Hardy today.

Roof Gardens FAQ’s

Floral & Hardy are one of the most accomplished and experienced garden design service providers in the UK. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes and always aim to make your ideas a reality. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.

Will I need planning permission?

Yes, you will most likely need planning permission and in some cases, it might be denied. If your rooftop garden infringes someone else’s privacy, then plants or trees can be added to the plan to improve your chances of being accepted. You’ll also need to check the weight restrictions before you start building.

Can I have plants and grasses in my rooftop garden?

Yes, you can have a range of plants and grasses. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your ideas and our designers will then create a detailed plan. Whether you want a private space that shuts out the world or an opportunity to sit on your roof to enjoy the city views, we can help.

Will you work to my requirements?

We’ll do our best to follow your ideas but will make suggestions if necessary. Your safety is our primary thing and we know how to create stable rooftop gardens that ooze sophistication. Whether you want a water feature to promote relaxation or dining tables and BBQ to turn your roof into an entertainment hub, our expert team can work with you to make it happen.

Can I see some of your roof gardens?

Please feel free to look through our photo gallery for examples of Floral & Hardy roof gardens. We’re proud of the work we’ve done in London and the surrounding areas, and hope you’ll agree that turning your roof space into a stunning garden design is worth the investment.

Do You Have Any Questions About Our Rooftop Gardens?

If you’d like to discuss our rooftop gardens then don’t hesitate to get in touch using our email address or phone number. Our friendly London team is available to answer all of your questions including green roof options for a more sustainable future.

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