Shade Gardens

If your garden doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, we can help you find the right plants and shrubs that thrive in shady conditions. Many smaller gardens have a lot of shade because of neighbouring buildings, and you may also have trees that need to be kept which are casting a lot of shade. The position of your garden will also determine how much sunshine you get. Unfortunately, we can’t all have south-facing gardens, and if your garden is north or east facing, your plants will get less sunshine.

Bringing Colour to Dark Shaded Gardens

Most city gardens are blocked by tall buildings, which means they don’t get much light. But that doesn’t mean you can’t inject some colour into your yard, because there are plenty of shade flowering plants that look amazing, and aren’t afraid of the dark.

Floral & Hardy offers shade garden design so that people can enjoy the outdoors, regardless of how many shade areas they have. We’ll suggest a range of woodland plants, flowers and offer some gardening inspiration so your ideas can become a reality.

Shade Loving Plants

Luckily, there are lots of ways that you can make the most of even an overcast space, and at Floral & Hardy, we can create shade gardens that are lush and blooming. We’ll identify the shadiest areas of your garden, and find plants that will thrive with minimal sunlight. Brightly coloured plants such as Japanese Forestgrass, which has a yellow hue, or even bluebells which grow in partial shade, will cheer up the more dimly lit areas of your garden.

Other features

If you have areas that are too shaded for flowers, we can add some greenery such as low-level groundcovers, which add interesting textures to your garden. You can also add interest without the use of plants and could consider alternatives such as water features or artworks in shadier spots.

Growing a lawn can be a challenge in a shaded garden, so for the dimmest areas, you might want to look for alternatives. We could add patios or pave or even look at options such as artificial lawns, which look much more realistic than they used to.

Maximising space

Many shade gardens that we design are limited in space, and so we’d need to make a design to make the most of a small garden. Floral & Hardy are experts at small garden design and work with many clients in London and the Home Counties who don’t have much space to work with. Whether you want to turn a shaded garden into a place for kids to play, an outdoor dining area, or a peaceful, outdoor retreat, we can help.

Do I Need Shade Garden Design Services?

It can be difficult for some people to recognise that they need a shade garden. To help you decide whether it’s time to embrace shade-loving plants, you can ask yourself these questions.

Have you tried to grow Roses and Tulips but had no luck?

Roses and Tulips need sunlight to thrive, so if they won’t flourish in your garden, it’s time to explore shade-tolerant plants.

Do you find that even in summer your garden remains cool?

One of the benefits of having a shade garden is it’s always cool even in high temperatures. The whole family can enjoy relaxing outside in summer without worrying about the sun too much.

Does your shade garden attract a lot of slugs?

Slugs are attracted to shade, which can cause problems in your garden but once you understand how to fix the issue, you can use it to your advantage. Anise is a resilient shade loving plant that acts as a natural slug repellant.

Do you want a beautiful garden but feel the dark areas are impossible to work with?

If you’re fed up with wasted foilage and wilted plants, then it’s time to think about asking us to share some shade garden ideas with you. Our expert team know how to integrate shade plants into your outdoor space and guarantee that we can find the right foliage plants and flowering plants for your needs.

Get The Best Shade Garden Design Ideas Today

If you have a garden that has a lot of shade, let Floral & Hardy help you make the most of it. We love working with shade plants and can suggest a selection of colourful foliage plants to make your shade garden become a colourful yard that you want to spend time in.  Call our friendly team today on 0844 884 2425 for an informal chat about your requirements. Alternatively, you can email us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We can’t wait to hear your design ideas and explain how our garden design team can make them a reality.

Don’t forget to sign up for our email list. You’ll receive tips, design ideas, advice, and the latest landscape gardening techniques. We also send out our regular Floral & Hardy newsletter, so don’t delay and sign up today.  If you’d like to view some photos of our shade garden projects, please scroll down to our portfolio, which will give you some shade garden design ideas.

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