Wildflower Gardens

If you’ve ever wandered through a meadow in bloom, you’ll know how beautiful and natural wildflowers can be. At Floral & Hardy, we design wildflower gardens that bring that lively, rustic look to your own back garden. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a country cottage, or in the middle of the city, by planting wildflowers you’ll always feel close to nature in your garden.


Rustic look
The traditional, rustic look has become very popular in recent years, and many people like the quaint, vintage look of wildflower gardens. However, it’s important to have a cohesive design in these sorts of spaces, otherwise you risk ending up with a garden that looks scruffy and overgrown. Floral & Hardy would carry out an initial site visit to see what might work in your garden. In smaller spaces, we might use flowerbeds or raised gardens with wildflowers so that the space isn’t overwhelmed. In larger gardens, you could have patches of wildflowers to brighten up shady spots, or plant seeds in un-mown areas of grass to get a really wild, meadow effect.

Other features
If you’re going for the untamed look of a wildflower garden, then the other features should usually be quite simple and natural. You might want to add a natural stone patio, or re-purpose some old railway sleepers to make borders or decking. Wooden or rock water features complement wildflower gardens nicely, or you might want to go for a pretty pond surrounded by wetland flowers.
It’s important that your garden is practical too, so we can add more modern elements if needed. For example, if you want to create a play area, we can add a sunken trampoline to keep it hidden, or add a cute hobbit home instead of the usual playhouse. This means you can achieve the rustic look you love, but also make your garden a fun, practical place. Our garden design experts will ensure that your outdoor space meets your vision, and can draw up plans to show you how the garden could be used.
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