Woodland Gardens

If you have an outdoor space with a dense covering of mature trees, then you might be wondering how to turn it into a useable garden. Floral & Hardy have experience working on woodland gardens, and can work around obstacles such as large trees to create the kind of outdoor space that you want.

Beautiful Woodland Garden Design

Creating a woodland garden can be tricky, as some trees are protected, and most people want to avoid cutting down pretty, mature trees. That’s why the design phase is so important, as Floral & Hardy can listen to what you want to achieve in your garden, then start putting these ideas into a practical plan.

Woodland gardens have lots of shade, so it’s important to find plants that will grow under a tree canopy. The best types of plants to use in these gardens are woodland plants that like the shade such as bellflowers, geraniums, or primulas. Floral & Hardy are experts in horticulture, so can look at the type of soil found in your garden, how tall your trees are, and the kind of shade they provide, then find flowers that will thrive in this environment.

We can also help give you more light in a woodland garden by cutting back trees or removing the lower branches to lift the tree’s canopy. This can instantly add more light, and give you a greater feeling of space. The ground underneath your trees might also need to be prepared for planting, and our experts can advise on how to make the most of your garden’s soil.

Bring Nature to Your Woodland Garden

If you’d like to incorporate a woodland theme into your outdoor space then our expert landscaping team can help you achieve this by planting a range of trees and shrubs that create a natural woodland effect.

We have extensive experience with growing both native and exotic plants and can advise you on the best maintenance techniques to ensure your outdoor area retains its practicality but is a space the whole family can enjoy.

Floral & Hardy offer a range of solutions for your woodland garden, including sourcing the best native plants. We understand that primroses, foxgloves, ferns and wood sage work throughout the seasons and are suitable to grow in shady areas too.

Would You Like More Information?

Woodland gardens have a beautiful, natural look to them, but if they are not carefully planned they can soon look overgrown. Floral & Hardy can create a woodland garden that suits your specific needs and have the specialist knowledge needed to create a thriving garden in these sort of spaces.

If you’d like more information about our woodland garden services, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service team is available to discuss your garden design and offer advice about the best plants, woodland foliage and trees to make your garden shine. Call us today on 0844 884 2425 to find out more.

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