How Garden Designers Create a Stunning Garden

Some of our garden designers secrets…

It doesn’t matter if it’s Edwardian or Caribbean, all you need is a vision and theme for your garden to give your garden the flair it deserves.

When you’ve put your heart and soul into a fantasy kitchen, an ultra-modern bathroom and fashionable living room, don’t you think it’s also time you imprinted your own ideas onto your own back garden and the outdoors too?

Today’s gardens are as distinct as their owners are. But when you’re preparing for a garden makeover it’s no good letting your project to grow without any real bearing. The key thing that will make it come together in the end is a theme.

There are many garden themes to pick from. An outstanding garden such as a Japanese, British seaside, or English Country is guaranteed to turn heads. Or you could pick your preferred colour scheme or a specific period in history to use as inspiration and a backdrop to how the garden will come together.

The potentials are limitless.

The great benefit of having our garden designers base your garden on a theme is that you know precisely where you are headed. This is a great help for everyone involved to focus their attention on. Instead of gathering a load of mess that never really appears quite right together, you can tell immediately what’s going to work in your area. It’s a concrete idea… sorry…

Carry on to the finer details, which consists of plants, tubs, garden gear and beautifications. For now, all that is needed is to show zones of planting. Your garden designer won’t even attempt to designate spots of the garden until a plan for planting has be thought about, which comes together once you’ve chosen a final design.

Let your mind’s eye wander, watch TV programmes with plenty anything green included, Browse through magazines or images on the internet of your idyllic garden space that you think could fit. If you have a tiny flat near a town centre, it’s still entirely possible for our garden designers to turn your whole garden over to your selected theme, but with a bigger garden there’s obviously the room for one or two themed gardens inside a more general purpose, and family-friendly area.

Decorating is the very last job for the garden designers, and that’s where they can have fun really bringing about the changes you envisioned from the start, with containers, furniture and a place to setup yearly planting for years to come, so don’t just think in the short term either, or feel you have to do the whole job now. A garden is always changing, with or without your input, so just stick to a theme and with our expert garden designers by your side, you can’t go wrong.

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