How Marketplace for Local Garden Landscaping is Performing?

The Local Garden Landscaping forecast for 2016

The marketplace for local garden landscaping supplies is forecast to see stable growth of 3 to 4% per annum following a period of uneven market conditions according to a report by AMA Research.

The financial slump and weather situations had a particularly undesirable effect on the market in 2012, but the market improved in 2013, and grew by an estimated 7% in 2014. However, progress in 2015 onwards is expected to be more modest.

Key influences on marketplace performance take account of the housing market, consumer assurance & expenditure, and levels of attentiveness in gardening as a hobby or to grow produce, as well as the trend for the garden to be seen as an addition to the home and outside dining. Also, the mature structure of most areas and the growth in internet trades are also significant as they tend to drive down average prices and surge price competition in the market too.

The sturdy growth levels seen in 2014 were mostly due to good weather, a recovering economy and much more consumer confidence & spending. Yearly growth rates in the market are profoundly influenced by prevalent weather conditions, as seen in both 2012 and 2014. Though the overall running of the UK economy influences the market, it tends to manage well with economic recessions and has not deteriorated as badly as some other consumer marketplaces.

Key product areas in the garden landscaping materials market are horticulture, which caters for just under half of the marketplace by value, solid landscaping and garden beautification. Since the start of the economic recession, sectors of the landscaping materials market have functioned differently, with divisions such as paving and decking decreasing, whilst sectors related with ‘grow your own’ have seen overall growth.

Garden centres are gradually seen as attractive mornings out and have stretched their product varieties with the aim of weatherproofing their commerce to some degree. Styles and trends that may assist the market embrace increasing the request for astro turf, porous paving and other eco-friendly options such as solar powered lighting & vertical gardening for our ever decreasing garden sizes.

Predicting the future of garden landscaping is difficult due to its dependence on the climate, as well as sustained hesitation regarding the pace of reclamation in customer confidence. On the other hand, new house builds and house moving levels have developed recently and this is predicted to last, inspiring growth in this area. As the economy recovers and consumer expenditure grows it is probable that the market will profit from pent up requests for landscaping ventures that have been delayed during the economic recession and is estimated to surpass a value of £1bn by 2019.

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