How much Do you Know About Japanese Garden Design?

“A calm cultural oasis amidst a busy city”

Japanese garden design can offer a great means of making the most of your garden space, particularly in urban areas, like London. After all, a Japanese garden features beautiful features, that don’t necessarily need to be part of a huge country garden.

Whether you’ve never seen a Japanese garden or are a complete expert in all garden styles including, of course, the tranquil ambiance of a Japanese Garden, test yourself on what you know about Japanese Garden design in our fun quiz below.

The quiz is suitable for keen gardeners, looking to test their knowledge, as well as gardening professionals.

1. What is the primary purpose of a Japanese garden?

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2. What type of tree would you expect to find in a Japanese garden?

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3. What other features would you expect to find in a Japanese style garden?

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4. Are Japanese gardens an option for easy-maintenance gardens?

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5. Which of the following plants would you expect are not traditional of a Japanese garden?

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6. In larger Japanese gardens, what would you expect to be a key garden feature?

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7. Which plant is “The Flower of Buddha”?

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8. What type of fish can you expect to find in a pond in a Japanese garden?

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9. Bamboo is a feature of a Japanese garden. However, what can it be replaced with in harsher climates?

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10. What is a good choice of ground cover in moist, shady areas of a Japanese garden?

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What do you know about Japanese Garden Design?
Clueless in Tokyo

You need to do some more research if you are planning to work on Japanese Garden design. It may be useful to write a list of Japanese garden features before, carrying out any work on a garden. A couple of features you may wish to research further are Japanese rock garden ideas and Zen garden design ideas.
In the Japanese Know-How

Your knowledge on Japanese garden design is mediocre. Perhaps you don’t work in Japanese gardens often or taken much interest in specialising in Japanese garden creation, however, the basics are there. Why not have a go at designing a Japanese landscape and see where the cultural influence could take you!
I think I'm turning Japanese

When it comes to Japanese garden design, you’ve got it covered. From Japanese bamboo garden design, to Koi Carp ponds and the Japanese Lotus, you know all there is to know about this special and cultural garden style.

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